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MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions: Best players to buy now and sell later (July 15)

Another MLB The Show 22 roster update is on the way with some final player ratings adjustments ahead of the All-Star Break.

We've got details on several top names in these MLB The Show 22 roster update predictions so you can start sorting investments early.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions (July 15)

Since launch, it's been almost like clockwork that Sony San Diego has delivered a biweekly MLB The Show 22 roster update.

However, things are thrown for a loop at the moment as this current update was initially delayed from that schedule and moved to the current date of Friday, July 15, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

The reason for this move was to keep things aligned best with the All-Star Break, and the timing allows Sony San Diego to consider even more MLB performances when making their changes.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions May 13
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QUICKSELL VALUES: You can see how things changed from MLB The Show 21

Flipping cards you've chosen to invest in and selling them either on the market or with the increased quicksell value is the best way to make Stubs following each attribute adjustment.

Investments are always a risk, but they can payoff big time if you make the right play ahead of these player ratings adjustments.

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Diamond Plus: Paul Goldschmidt (92 OVR)

The first of our options this week is on the more expensive side of things, but that means much higher payoff if things do ring true.

Paul Goldschmidt has continued to dominate this season, and at 92 OVR he's just below the threshold of the most expensive Live Series cards.

Investing now may be the last chance while he's reasonably priced, as a ratings improvement of even one point could cause his market value to spike.

Gold to Diamond: Juan Soto, Zack Wheeler, Willson Contreras, and Sandy Alcantara

Earlier in the year we've tried to pinpoint some more affordable investments at the Silver and Bronze level, but with so many stronger cards more widely available now the focus has shifted towards Diamonds.

On top of that, there should be more ways than ever to earn Stubs you can use to invest in some of these currently Gold tier players, and all of them could be poised to go Diamond.

Sandy Alcantara, Zack Wheeler, and Willson Contreras are all at the 84 OVR mark with just a one-point increase needed to reach Diamond and plenty of performances in recent weeks that could earn them that boost.

Juan Soto is a surprising one at just 82 OVR, as some rough weeks and previous roster updates have brought his rating down quite a bit, but this next one could mark his return to the Diamond Club.

While a three-point boost would be significant, we've seen players in the past take a roster update jump of that many or more points to go Diamond.

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