MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show Feature Reveal COUNTDOWN: New Legend revealed

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MLB The Show 22 is only a week away from launch, and Road to the Show is sure to remain a fan-favorite game mode once again.

We've got a new Legend coming to the roster and we'll see him in action during the next Feature Premiere.

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Speaking of the Feature Premiere, we're going to learn some of the new features hitting Road to the Show and the Ballplayer changes for MLB The Show 22.


Latest - Brian Wilson revealed

The former relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants will make his debut during today's Feature Premiere. Don't miss out on catching the new reveal.

Wilson was an incredible relief pitcher during his time in the MLB, you can see just how good he is in the video below.

MLB The Show 22 road to the show feature reveal countdown
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LEGEND REVEAL: Watch today's premiere to see Wilson in action

Here's the updated list of MLB The Show 22 Legends:

  • Randy Johnson (New Legend)
  • Ryan Howard (New Legend)
  • Kirk Gibson (New Legend)
  • Kevin Youkilis (New Legend)
  • Brian Wilson ( New Legend)

To learn more about the new MLB The Show 22 Legend, follow this link.

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show Feature Reveal COUNTDOWN

MLB The Show 22 is set for a release date that's fast approaching, but each week Sony San Diego is giving an inside look at this year's new features.

Their weekly Feature Premiere programs have been hit or miss so far, with some technical difficulties and lackluster episodes dragging things down at times.

Fortunately, hopes are high as the Road to the Show Feature Premiere looks to be one of their most exciting this year.

MLB The Show 22 Road to the Show
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ROAD TO THE SHOW: Walk your path from the minors to the majors

Road to the Show grew in popularity with MLB The Show 21 through a mix of new features and the massive player base expansion that came with their debut on Xbox consoles.

That's sure to continue this year, as an entire Feature Premiere has been dedicated to Road to the Show as well as improvements to the Ballplayer that users get to use in both that game mode and in Diamond Dynasty.


Watch the RTTS Feature Reveal LIVE

If you're hoping to see the Feature Premiere for yourself, Sony San Diego currently has it scheduled for Thursday, March 24, 2022 and it will begin at 3pm PT.

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At least, that's their current goal, but it's worth noting that they've had technical difficulties cause delays in some of the past Feature Premiere videos going live, something they'll hopefully not have to deal with this time.

You can watch the MLB The Show 22 reveal for Road to the Show and Ballplayer on their YouTube or Twitch channels, or you can simply hit play on the video below when the feed goes live.

While they haven't confirmed a length for this stream, we expect it to be at least half an hour long depending on the level of depth they choose to provide.


While the Feature Premieres highlighting Online Co-Op, Commentary & Presentation, and Nintendo Switch were on the shorter side, they went closer to an hour in length for Gameplay Updates and the Franchise Mode & March to October reveal.

With Ballplayer changes likely tying into how that character can integrate into Diamond Dynasty this year, there should be plenty for them to discuss.