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MLB The Show 22 could bring the franchise to PC and mobile phones

MLB The Show 22 is still a few months away from getting any major news, but a recently spotted job posting may have tipped off some big changes.

With MLB The Show 22 potentially jumping to even more platforms, we take a look at why PC and mobile could be next on the agenda.

MLB The Show 22 job posting teases PC and mobile

As the MLB season has now wrapped, it's no shocker that some players are looking ahead to when the next MLB The Show installment could arrive.

Thanks to a new report spotting a job posting by PlayStation specific to MLB The Show, and there are a few very interesting mentions int he job description.

MLB The Show 22 pc
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FOREVER FORWARD: MLB The Show 22 will continue to push the franchise to new heights

In addition to the kinds of requirements you'd expect like baseball knowledge or problem solving skills, they've also listed the following job requirement for a "Baseball Test Analyst" working specifically on The Show franchise:

  • Basic to intermediate understanding of networking setup and hardware, as well as how its principles and components apply to modern console, PC, and mobile gaming/functionality.

Those final few words are the key, as needing someone to test MLB The Show 22 on PC or mobile would be a major change for the franchise.

It seems unlikely they'd need PC and mobile gaming knowledge in a quality assurance tester if those platforms weren't potentially on the table.

Nothing is official, but the chances look better than ever for this long-running franchise to branch out on both PC and mobile platforms.

MLB The Show 22 could continue the platform expansion of MLB The Show 21

As surprising as a move to PC might seem at first, it feels like a natural progression considering how MLB The Show 21 already pushed the franchise forward.

Earlier this year, MLB The Show 21 became the first game in the series history to release on a platform that wasn't PlayStation.

Despite being developed by Sony San Diego, they expanded the launch to include Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in addition to PS4 and PS5.

This was also the first year that MLB The Show went next gen, so they essentially quadrupled the amount of platforms they had to develop for in a single year.

Adding two more would be a challenge, but it's a logical next step to move to Microsoft Windows after landing on Microsoft's Xbox consoles this year.

As for mobile gaming, the control scheme in MLB The Show 21 (and likely in MLB The Show 22) are actually not too complicated when it comes to sports gaming.

Mobile phones have more processing power than ever before, and it would be very manageable to adapt MLB The Show to that format.

We'll likely learn more about MLB The Show 22 and the title's official platforms in February, which is also when we expect the Cover Athlete to be revealed.

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