MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch Features REVEALED

Each week Sony San Diego offers a developer livestream to break down new features for the upcoming MLB The Show 22 - and tonight the team went over how the game will land on Nintendo Switch!

MLB The Show 22 will be the series debut on Nintendo Switch, and the team isn't holding back a bit.

Here's everything we learned about MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch in the latest feature reveals.

MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch will be its own build

For starters, it's important to clarify that MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch will be its very own build, different from the next gen and current gen variations of the game for other consoles.

MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch franchise mode main menu
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WELCOME TO THE SHOW: MLB The Show 22 will be the series' debut on Nintendo consoles

So what does that mean for the game, and will it still have all the same game modes?

MLB The Show 22 Game Modes on Nintendo Switch

Players will get all of the core game modes of MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch despite being its own build of the game.

MLB The Show 22 shohei ohtani gameplay
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THE TOTAL PACKAGE: MLB The Show 22 on Switch offers all the game's core modes

That means MLB The Show 22 will still feature the following game modes and more on Nintendo Switch:

This won't extend however to Stadium Creator, which will only be available on next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. While there will be crossplay between Switch and other consoles, Switch users also won't be able to use Stadium Creator stadiums.

This crossplay also includes multiplayer co-op, another new feature to the series this year.

Just remember, all MLB The Show 22 online play will require a Nintendo Online subscription.

MLB The Show 22 File Size on Switch

MLB The Show 22's file size will be 20 GB at launch on the Nintendo Switch.

To get access to all of the MLB The Show 22 game modes on Switch, however, you'll need to download the content update to expand your options, which will require an internet connection and not be transferred from physical copies.

The file size of the MLB The Show 22 Content Update has not been revealed just yet, but things could get big depending on how many game modes are held back from the initial download - so make sure you save some extra space on your Switch!

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New Difficulties for Nintendo Switch

To get MLB The Show 22 players used to the game on Nintendo Switch, the team is offering two new unique difficulties on the platform to catch up.

MLB The Show 22 difficulties Nintendo Switch
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CATCH UP: Two new difficulties will ease players into The Show on the Switch

These difficulties include Amateur and Minors, which will influence pitching and batting systems as well as the speed of the ball to let players get used to the game's controls and movement on its Nintendo console debut.

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