MLB The Show 22: Best Yankees in Diamond Dynasty, Predicting All Diamonds

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MLB The Show 22 is just over the horizon now than the season has concluded, and the New York Yankees will once again move into a new season as one of the league's best teams.

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With Diamond Dynasty sure to return, we're taking a look at the MLB The Show 22 ratings we could see for the New York Yankees and their most likely Diamonds.

MLB The Show 22: New York Yankees Ratings

While the MLB The Show 22 release date is likely still a few months away from being revealed, the conclusion of the MLB season means we can already start looking forward.

Despite slipping into the postseason as a wild card, the New York Yankees came up short against the Boston Red Sox and found themselves absent from this year's World Series.

MLB The Show 22 New York Yankees
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SWING FOR IT: The Yanks didn't make the World Series, but they'll try again next year

Now they have to look forward, but the good news is their team looks to be packed with talent once again next season.

Most of their top stars are likely due to return, with Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole most likely to be the highest rated Yankees in MLB The Show 22.


New York Yankees Team Rating

At launch, the New York Yankees were only behind the Dodgers in MLB The Show 21, and they excelled in power.

Rather than giving each team a single rating, MLB The Show 21 changed things up by ranking teams in Franchise Mode across several categories based on their team makeup.

Here are the Yankees rankings for each category in MLB The Show 21 when compared to all other teams in the league:

  • Rank: 2nd
  • Contact: 7th
  • Power: 1st
  • Pitching: 3rd
  • Defense: 5th
  • Speed: 24th

We might not see their Contact quite as high unless they make an offseason acquisition, but otherwise we could still see the Yankees with similar ratings.

Potentially fueled by their postseason exit and having only managed a Wild Card spot, we might see the Yankees fall below the Top 8 with the core Postseason contenders taking those rankings, but it's unlikely they'll fall much farther than that.

Diamond Dynasty: Predicting all Yankees Diamonds

When MLB The Show 21 was released, they revealed the coveted Diamond Club, which was essentially just a way to identify all the Diamonds in Diamond Dynasty.

This is tied directly to the Live Series of cards in that Ultimate Team game mode, and these cards are adjusted throughout the season based on the real-world performances of each player.

Only the select few with an 85 OVR rating or higher are deemed Diamonds, with the 80 to 84 OVR range being Gold, 75 to 79 being Silver, 66 to 74 being Bronze, and 64 OVR or below being Common.

At launch in MLB The Show 21, the New York Yankees had four Diamonds: Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, D.J. LeMahieu, and Aroldis Chapman.

MLB The SHow 22 Yankees
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ON THE MOUND: The Yankees will be glad to have Cole back again next year

Unfortunately, subsequent roster updates say both LeMahieu and Chapman lose those spots as their ratings decreased, but Giancarlo Stanton was upgraded into the trio of Diamonds that remained at season's end.

Next year, we're likely to see Judge, Cole, and Stanton back near the top, with Chapman and maybe even Joey Gallo joining them as Diamonds in MLB The Show 22.

While the Diamonds will be some of the best early Diamond Dynasty cards, they'll also be a good foundation if you hope to builds a Yankees Theme Team in MLB The Show 22.