MLB The Show 22: March to October may finally steal the show

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MLB The Show 22 will see several different upgrades this year, but some of the new features in March to October are already standing out.

After years of the game mode being neglected by many players, MLB The Show 22 could finally see March to October steal the show.

MLB The Show 22 marks year four of March to October

If you like to use a school related analogy, this is essentially senior year for March to October as a game mode in the MLB The Show franchise.

Abbreviated MTO at times, this condensed Franchise experience debuted in MLB The Show 19 with the hook of letting players experience only the most crucial games and moments in a single season.

To see where the game mode began, you can watch the original March to October trailer below from MLB The Show 19:

Since its arrival, the game mode has been met largely with indifference or criticism from players who all seemed to want Sony San Diego more focused on Franchise and less worried about this new addition.

While the game mode has seen some solid upgrades the last few years, it's kept pretty much the same concept and framing until this year.

The condensed experience and things like Momentum will remain, some major upgrades this year change the landscape and make March to October more like Franchise than ever before.

Some players may be skeptical of the game mode going in based on their previous impressions, but right now March to October is something gamers shouldn't overlook when MLB The Show 22 arrives.

March to October gets free agency and more Franchise-like new features

One of the biggest frustrations that likely pushed some players away from March to October in the past was that the game mode didn't have as much long-term value.

While there was replayability in that you could make another attempt with a different team, players could only win the World Series once before being forced to either transfer the save into Franchise or start over from scratch.

That all changes this year as March to October introduces a multi-season experience for the first time, and that's not all that the game mode is getting.

MLB The Show 22 March to October
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BIG BOARD: March to October new features have already been revealed

The ability to play through multiple seasons in a single save is accompanied by new features for Free Agency including a big board, improved team needs and player targeting, and new team customization options.

In past years, March to October was only playable with existing MLB teams, but MLB The Show 22 will be the first time players can create a custom team name, logo, and more for a tailor-made MTO experience.

With the rumblings that March to October could serve as an eventual Franchise Mode replacement, something we looked closer at here, this year is a crucial opportunity for MLB The Show 22 to change opinions about this game mode.


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