MLB The Show 22: Grillin & Chillin Conquest Hidden Rewards Locations, How to Complete

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MLB The Show 22 has dropped the new Grillin & Chillin Conquest Map as the Sizzling Summer program reaches a final chapter.

We've got locations on all the Grillin & Chillin Conquest Hidden Rewards and details on how to complete this MLB The Show 22 map.

MLB The Show 22: Grillin & Chillin Conquest Hidden Rewards Locations


With the All-Stars program just over the horizon, it's the final chance for players to knock out the Sizzling Summer Conquest maps including the newly added Grillin & Chillin map.

We've already taken a look at all the rewards locations for the Grand Flag Conquest Map here, and this new addition is just as packed with rewards.

Here are the Conquest Hidden Rewards Locations for the Grillin & Chillin Map in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty:

MLB The Show 22 Grillin & Chillin Hidden Rewards Locations sizzling summer
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GOTTA FIND THEM ALL: Conquer each numbered territory for a reward

The numbers above correspond to the following rewards:

  • 1. Headliners Set 8 Pack
    • This reward is located in the Oakland Athletics Stronghold.
  • 2. Ballin' is a Habit Pack
    • This reward is located in the San Diego Padres Stronghold.
  • 3. The Show Pack
  • 4. 5x The Show Packs & 500 Stubs
  • 5. Headliners Set 18 Pack
    • This reward is located in the Pittsburgh Pirates Stronghold.
  • 6. The Show Pack
  • 7. The Show Pack
  • 8. The Show Pack

The Grillin & Chillin Conquest Map will only be available until Monday, July 18, 2022 at approximately Noon PT as it will expire along with the Sizzling Summer program.

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How to complete the Grillin & Chillin Conquest Map

In addition to the Conquest hidden rewards outlined above, you'll also have a series of goals in how this map is completed.

While most this year have been without any time-sensitive goals, this one breaks that trend again with two goals requiring a Stronghold be captured by a specific turn.


This means at least two of the games in this map will need to be played above Rookie difficulty, but the others should allow time to build up more reinforcements for easier games.

Take the Pirates immediately to fulfill the first goal below, and then go after the Padres or Nationals who start with fewer reinforcements to fulfill the third goal below.

The Grillin & Chillin Conquest Map in MLB The Show 22 has the following goals and rewards:

  • Goal 1: Capture the Pittsburgh Pirates Stronghold on the 1st turn!
    • Reward: Ballin' is a Habit Pack, 500 Stubs & 750 XP
  • Goal 2: Conquer 66 Territories.
    • Reward: The Show Symbols Banner, 300 Stubs & 250 XP
  • Goal 3: Capture 2 enemy Strongholds on or before the 3rd turn!
    • Reward: Headliners Pack Set 27, 500 Stubs & 500 XP
  • Goal 4: Acquire 99M Fans.
    • Reward: The Show Symbols Icon, 300 Stubs & 500 XP
  • Goal 5: Conquer all Territories and complete the Grillin & Chillin map!
    • Reward: "We the People" V243 Pro Bat Skin, 1500 Stubs & 2500 XP

In addition to these rewards, you'll receive a bulk 30,000 XP towards the featured program for completing the Grillin & Chillin Conquest Map.