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MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere COUNTDOWN: Online co-op and beta to be revealed

The first MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere is almost here, and the focus this week goes to the new competitive online co-op mode and upcoming Technical Test.

We've got details on how you can watch the reveals live, the MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere start date and time, as well as what could be coming.

MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere: How to Watch, Start Date & Time

The MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere schedule is kicking things off with a bang this week as they look to the just announced online competitive co-op features.

On top of that, the reveals will go over the upcoming open Technical Test (beta) where players across all five consoles will be able to put the game to the test.

While most weeks will have the MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere on Thursday, this week's has been moved up a hair to Wednesday in order to get ahead of Thursday's launch of the Technical Test.

MLB The Show 22 beta technical test tech
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GET IN ON THE ACTION: Players on all platforms can participate this year

As a result, this first MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere is scheduled for Wednesday, February 16, 2022 and will take place at 3pm PT (6pm ET / 5pm CT).

You'll be able to watch the Feature Premiere as it airs live on the Sony San Diego YouTube Channel or on the Sony San Diego Studio Twitch Channel.

If you miss out on watching live, it will also be available to watch on demand afterwards on the same YouTube channel linked above or on The Show's website.

New online competitive co-op features and Technical Test are first up

While there will be plenty of exciting game modes to get to in the coming weeks, things start off in the first Feature Premiere with two different things that were just revealed.

The first is the new online competitive co-op mode which will allow players to team up in 2v2 or 3v3 scenarios, and even the quick glimpse revealing the feature mentioned it will be available in Diamond Dynasty and elsewhere in the game.

We should get details about how that mode will work, as well as how this new combined collections concept will operate in Diamond Dynasty for co-op games.

In addition, we should get some more clarity and details about the MLB The Show 22 beta which begins on Thursday, February 15, 2022.

We've got more details here about how you can participate in the beta and try the game out weeks before it's even released.

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