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MLB The Show 22: What should you do in Diamond Dynasty this week?

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MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty is always bursting at the seams with game modes and programs to focus on, especially when a new program is coming.

With just days left before the next big chapter begins, we've got details on everything you should focus on in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty this week.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Weekly Schedule

Another week brings more new content to Diamond Dynasty, and it can be tough to decide where to spend your time in MLB The Show 22.

First off, let's take a look at the current confirmed MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty schedule as of April 26:

  • April 25: Pitcher's Playground Event begins
  • April 25: Headliners Set 8 Pack goes live
  • April 29: Double XP & Faces of the Franchise program end
  • April 29: Spring Cleanup program begins
  • April 29: New Event begins, Pitcher's Playground ends
  • April 29: New Nike City Connect uniform program
  • April 29: New April Topps Now moments and players
  • April 29: First player ratings changes in Roster Update
  • May 2: New Ranked Seasons World Series rewards (starts at 3pm PT)

We've got tons of new content on the way this Friday, and you can find the ongoing Diamond Dynasty Schedule here.

Rack up 30 wins in the Pitcher's Playground Event

The most time sensitive piece of content this week is definitely the new Pitchers Playground Event in Diamond Dynasty that has only just begun.

This short-term event goes only to Friday, April 29, and as a result players have just a few days to grind towards the 30 wins needed to earn all of this event's rewards.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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TICK TOCK: You won't have long to snag these Event rewards

You can snag All-Star Greg Maddux at 15 wins and All-Star Bob Gibson at 20 wins, but only 30 will give you the top prize of a Big Dog Set 3 Choice Pack.

Use Double XP to finish Faces of the Franchise

Double XP Week is still active through this Friday, April 29 at 11am PT when the Faces of the Franchise Featured Program will finally conclude.

This means players only have a few more days to grind through the program and snag bosses and other rewards, and keep in mind that Double XP only applies to Gameplay XP and not preset XP rewards from other programs.

Online Game Modes in Diamond Dynasty give more XP than others, making the Pitcher's Playground Event the best case scenario if you wanna get the most out of your gameplay this week.

Grab the Hidden Rewards in the expiring Conquest maps

Even if you don't have time to, or don't want to, finish all the Faces of the Franchise Conquest Maps, you can still dive in and snag the Hidden Rewards.

There are seven Hidden Rewards in each of the three Conquest maps set to expire on April 29, and we've got details here on how you can find those before time runs out.

Invest ahead of player ratings changes in the Roster Update

The first major MLB The Show 22 Roster Update to bring attribute adjustments and player ratings changes is now confirmed for Friday, April 29.

That means it's the last call for investments on players who could see a boost this time, and we've got details here on some of the ones you may want to grab.

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