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Fan-made MLB The Show 22 cover with Jacob deGrom is stunning

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The official MLB The Show 22 cover athlete reveal might not be that far away, but in the meantime we're getting some fantastic fan-made cover art.

The latest puts perennial 99 Club member Jacob deGrom center stage in a stunning look in this MLB The Show 22 cover concept.

Fan-made MLB The Show 22 cover with Jacob deGrom is stunning

While we're hoping to get more official details about MLB The Show 22 and the title's cover athlete in the coming weeks, one dedicated fan has already taken the time to mock up some excellent art.

Jacob deGrom has topped the list of MLB The Show 22 ratings consistently with a 99 OVR rating in both MLB The Show 21 and MLB The Show 20.

However, he's never been chosen as the cover athlete for MLB The Show despite being one of the most feared pitchers in the game year after year.

For one Reddit user, that was enough to take the leap for Sony San Diego and design a custom fan-made MLB The Show 22 cover featuring the Mets superstar.

MLB The Show 22 cover athlete jacob degrom
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CUSTOM COVER: This fan-made concept is truly stunning

The design was created by ZSHEIN, whose Reddit username is Z-Da-Man, and you can find an even higher quality look at this design here.

While the creator was humble in their description of it as minimalistic and admitted he's not necessarily the favorite, the work itself is very clean.

Without the watermark, this would be a believable MLB The Show 22 cover and it's a design worthy of that honor, even if you don't necessarily agree with deGrom as a potential cover athlete.

When will the MLB The Show 22 cover athlete be announced?

It's always great fun to look at cover concepts, but ultimately we're all looking ahead to when the official MLB The Show 22 cover athlete will be revealed.

Last year we saw the cover athlete announced simultaneously with the game's reveal trailer, and that's become a pretty standard practice across all sports gaming franchises.

Madden, FIFA, NBA, NHL, and WWE all stick to this model so that the announcement can simultaneously see official cover art go live as they get pre orders rolling in ahead of launch.

Based on the timing they used last year, we expect the first MLB The Show 22 trailer could arrive as soon as Monday, January 31, 2022.

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