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MLB The Show 22 Commentary & Presentation: New Announcers, Fan Cam, Win Expectancy Bar & more

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Commentary brings MLB The Show to life, and thanks to the newest feature reveal stream, we now know the full commentator roster for this year's game.

With that, let's dive right into who will be the voices behind MLB The Show 22.

New MLB The Show 22 Commentary Duo Features Sciambi, Singleton

MLB The Show 22's main commentary duo will be the tandem of Jon "Boog" Sciambi and Chris Singleton.

MLB The Show 22 commentators Sciambi Singleton
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NEW SHOW, NEW VOICE: MLB The Show 22 adds a new main commentary duo for the first time in years

You may have heard this duo on MLB radio or individually across a number of team's broadcasts including the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and plenty more.

As a duo, they've worked together for over a decade, and that partnership will now be the main voice behind The Show this year.

To get this duo caught up with the long history of Show commentary from previous announcers, the team had over 350 hours worth of recording (across 128 recording sessions) for the game.

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Commentary and Conversation Blending

One constant problem with sports game commentary is the issue bridging from conversation to commentating events in the game, and MLB The Show 22 has added some new adjustments to improve this for the new duo.

MLB The Show 22 ken griffey jr home run
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IT'S GONE: Commentary will more seamlessly drift between conversations and calls this year

Through some new adjustments to what the team calls "chatter", the game's commentary will more realistically bounce between conversation and commentary to keep things sounding like the real thing.

This has been a big focus in recording new voice lines and will go the extra mile to improve realism.

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Presentation Changes

Along with the new commentary team, MLB The Show 22 will introduce some new presentation changes as well.

The first of these changes is a win expectancy bar next to the score that dynamically updates throughout the game.

MLB The Show 22 win expetancy bar
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NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS: A new win expectancy bar is coming in The Show this year

The second is a new set of video introduction packages (sizzle reels) for games to better get across the broadcast element of games as they happen.

Third, the game will be getting a new regional focus to broadcast elements, including local network logos and other ways to immerse fans with the teams in the game. This will take on the regional broadcast of the home team by default, and if against AI, will choose the player team's home broadcast.

Finally, MLB The Show 22 will get a new camera angle that will occasionally trigger during play called the Fan Cam, which takes the point of view of fans in the stands recording with their phones.

MLB The Show 22 Fan Cam
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FAN'S EYE VIEW: Get the fan point of view directly with the new Fan Cam in MLB The Show 22

This camera angle is especially great looking with home runs as they fly toward the fan sections.

To see it all in action, check out the latest MLB The Show 22 feature reveal stream in full below:

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