MLB The Show 22: Best budget players for your Diamond Dynasty lineup

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Building a strong MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty lineup leads some players to believe that they need to spend a lot of Stubs to do it.

Although partially true, there are a few cards out there that you can get on a budget and it will instantly update your Diamond Dynasty team.

Let's take a look at a few budget cards for MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty

Diamond Dynasty is one of the most fun game modes in MLB The Show 22 and it's where most players spend their time.

Still, other players that aren't looking to spend a lot of their Stubs and real-life currency on building a good lineup. This is where our budget cards will come in.

MLB The Show 22
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ON A BUDGET: Grab some great cards without breaking the bank

We're going to cover various positions as we reveal some of these budget cards. Soon, we'll make specific budget guide as the Marketplace in MLB The Show 22 evens out.

For now, let's get started with a few sluggers to add to your Diamond Dynasty team.

Budget Big Hitters in Diamond Dynasty

Everyone wants to have a few big hitters on their team that could get their Diamond Dynasty some home runs or just get on base successfully.

We've got a few players in mind that are on the lighter side when it comes to spending Stubs. Of course, you could always grab Fernando Tatis Jr. for 30K.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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HEAVY HITTERS: Who needs a few good batters on their Diamond Dynasty?

Here are a few players that you could target in the MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Marketplace:

  • Pablo Sandoval - 3B - 86 OVR (16K Stubs)
  • Byron Buxton - CF - 86 OVR (14K Stubs)
  • Jose Altuve - 2B - 85 OVR (14K Stubs)

Sandoval is a wonderful contact hitter at 123 for Contact L and 91 for Contact R. Sandoval isn't very fast though, so you might want to use a baserunner for him.

Speaking of baserunners, Buxton is a sneakily good hitter, but once he's on base is when he'll earn his keep on your Diamond Dynasty team. Buxton has 98 Speed with 79 Stealing. At 14K Stubs, he's an absolute steal, especially in the outfield.

Altuve has the best of both worlds and can be upgraded from an 85 OVR to an 87 OVR. He's got 80 Contact R, 75 Contact L, and 80 Power R. He's got a 67 rating for Speed with 36 for Stealing. He's also a solid second baseman to have.


All three of these MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty players will make your lineup much better.

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