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MLB The Show 22: How to complete the Always Intense Program in Diamond Dynasty

MLB The Show 22 is never short on new Diamond Dynasty content, and the latest arrival of the Always Intense Program.

We've got details on the top-tier packs you'll be able to earn in MLB The Show 22 and how to complete the Always Intense Program.

MLB The Show 22: Always Intense Program hits Diamond Dynasty

The second major pack-themed program has now arrived with the Always Intense Program now live in MLB The Show 22.

We first saw a taste of this program style in the Big Dog Program which featured some of those normally expensive top packs.

Like the Big Dog Packs had been earlier this year, the Always Intense Packs are full of some of the best Diamonds currently available and normally upwards of 25,000 Stubs in the Show Shop.

MLB The Show 22 Always Intense Program
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THE FINEST: These are just a few of the players available in Always Intense packs

However, players now have a free route to unlocking two of the Always Intense Packs, and in the process they'll snag other rewards and XP towards the Future of the Franchise program.

One big value of this program isn't just that you'll snag a few top tier Diamonds for your lineup, but these are key Flashbacks and Legends cards that can be used to complete Collections.

How to complete the Always Intense Program

There are slim margins for completion, but you'll be able to snag 10,000 XP towards the Future of the Franchise program along with any gameplay XP accrued as you work on the Always Intense Program.

The first port of call for most players should be the 16 new Moments available in the program that can earn you a combined 48 Points, which is nearly half of what you'll need to finish the program.

You can earn an addition 25 Points for completing the Always Intense Showdown, and together those sections of this will unlock the first Always Intense Pack.

From that, make sure to pick players you want to use, as your final step will be earning Parallel XP with Always Intense players.

If you've picked up any other Always Intense players via packs at other times, those will also be usable for the PXP Missions.

In total you'll need to earn 2000 PXP with Always Intense players to earn the remaining 27 Points needed to complete this program.

While choosing a hitter useful for your lineup is not a bad call, we recommend picking up pitchers for players who want to grind PXP the fastest.

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