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MLB The Show 22: 2nd Half Ketel Marte goes live in Headliners Pack Set 12

MLB The Show 22 is constantly bringing new cards to Diamond Dynasty, and the latest addition has now arrived in the Headliners Set 12 Packs.

We've got all the details you need on how to get 2nd Half Ketel Marte and why this card is a must for your MLB The Show 22 lineup.

MLB The Show 22: Headliners Set 12 Pack goes live with 2nd Half Ketel Marte

Headliners Packs have been a mainstay of MLB The Show 22 this year, and we're already up to Set 12 just a few months into the season.

After being teased, the Headliners Set 12 Pack is now live in The Show Shop within Diamond Dynasty.

While the exact cards pulled vary from player to player, everyone is surely looking to snag the new 2nd Half Ketel Marte for their squad.

The card will surely hit the Community Market soon, but players can play the odds and try to get one now by purchasing a Headliners Set 12 Choice Pack for 25,000 Stubs or a standard Headliners Set 12 Pack for 7,500 Stubs.

While both have a shot at having 2nd Half Ketel Marte, the odds are much higher with the Choice Pack as it has a 1 in 3 chance of a 90+ player item which could be that Ketel Marte.

If you go with the standard Headliners Set 12 there's only a 1 in 10 shot of having any 85+ player item in that pack, which reduces the chances of it being 2nd Half Ketel Marte.

2nd Half Ketel Marte Ratings & Secondary Positions

If you're wondering whether 2nd Half Ketel Marte is right for your squad, some of that decision will come down to what you already have.

While he's primarily a Center Field card, he's also got secondary positions including Second Base, Shortstop, Left Field, and Right Field.

There are more options at outfield right now in Diamond Dynasty, but significantly fewer at Second Base and Shortstop.

MLB The Show 22 Ketel marte
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THE RATINGS: Come for the Contact and stay for the Fielding

If you do put 2nd Half Ketel Mate into your lineup, you'll first benefit from his near perfect Contact.

Marte's player ratings have him at 119 Contact vs Lefties and 111 Contact vs Righties and an even 79 Power vs Lefties and Righties.

He's also got solid ratings in Vision and Discipline, though his Clutch is a bit low.

On top of the solid hitting ratings, you'll benefit from Diamond tier fielding that should keep him strong even in a secondary position.

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