MLB The Show 21 celebrates Prospect Wander Franco

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MLB The Show 21 has put the spotlight on one of the league's top prospects with Wander Week to celebrate the MLB debut of Wander Franco.

For a limited time, his powerful Diamond tier Prospect card in Diamond Dynasty will get a major boost, and we've got all the details on how you can unlock it in MLB The Show 21 now.

MLB The Show 21 celebrates MLB debut of Wander Franco

We've seen a variety of unique card series in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty, and the Prospect series has turned the spotlight on some of the potential future stars of the league.

One of those has been Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco, who was finally called up from the minors by the Rays on June 20, 2021.

One day later, the official MLB The Show 21 account on Twitter shared a teaser for what we know now is Wander Week, a special limited time celebration of Wander Franco.

It was a fitting choice, as the 20-year-old rookie made an immediate impact with a three-run Home Run against the Boston Red Sox in his first major league game.

How to Unlock 99 OVR Prospect Wander Franco

For players who are able to procure the Prospect Wander Franco card in Diamond Dynasty, it'll only remain boosted to the 99 OVR rating for a limited time, but will still be a strong 91 OVR option after the boost ends.

Prospect Wander Franco was previously available in the Space 1 Choice Pack, and as such the item acquired that way can be bought and sold on the Community Marketplace, where you can currently acquire it for over 70,000 Stubs.

However, the best way to earn him is through the new limited time Moments that have been added, though keep in mind that the item earned this way cannot be sold.

MLB The Show 21 Wander Franco Locations Diamond Dynasty How to Unlock End Date
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TOP PROSPECT: Franco is a major asset to your lineup

As of now, it's expected that the limited time attribute boost to this card, and the Moments to acquire it, will both expire on June 29, 2021 at around Noon PT.

You must complete all of the following moments to unlock Prospect Wander Franco:

  • Wonderful Wander Franco (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 1 hit in one game (Rewards 200 Stubs)
  • The Ninth Wander of the World (Rookie Difficulty): Hit 1 Home Run in one game (Rewards 325 Stubs)
  • El Patron (Rookie Difficulty): Tally 4 Total Bases in one game (Rewards 275 Stubs)
  • Boy Wander (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 2 Hits and 1 Extra Base Hit in one game (Rewards 300 Stubs)
  • I Wander if the Hype is Real (Veteran Difficulty): Tally 10 Total Bases in three games (Rewards 500 Stubs)

On top of earning Franco's card, you'll also get 1600 Stubs by completing all five Moments, not to mention the XP you'll earn towards the 3rd Inning Program.

Make sure to check out the latest on the 3rd Inning Program, as it's scheduled to come to a close next week and bring on the 4th Inning Program for Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21.

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