Stadium Creator brings legendary ballparks to life

MLB The Show 21 has finally arrived, and this year's leap to next gen systems has brought along the new Stadium Creator feature.

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Players are already hard at work in Stadium Creator, and we've seen some truly legendary ballparks brought back to life in MLB The Show 21 as a result.

Throwback Stadium Series pays homage to legendary ballparks

MLB The Show 21 introduced Stadium Creator this year, and it was only a matter of time before standouts started to become clear in the creation community.

Reddit user SomeLadyNamedRuth has been one of the most prolific in the days since the game released, and she's given us a glimpse into some of the most iconic MLB stadiums of the past.


So far, this creator has given new life to Candlestick Park, Mile High Stadium, Anaheim Stadium (seen above), Qualcomm Stadium, Tiger Stadium, Comiskey Park, Jarry Park, Exhibition Stadium, and Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.

SomeLadyNamedRuth has also stated in comments that they're working on Busch Memorial Stadium, aka Busch II, and the Oakland Coliseum which could be coming soon.

The Sandlot finds its way to MLB The Show 21

The legends of baseball aren't confined to the MLB, and now one of the most iconic fields in the last three decades has become a part of MLB The Show 21.


Twitter user @kasabekompiles has taken the time to recreate The Sandlot within Stadium Creator, and it definitely has the look and feel of the original.

As he pointed out, beware of The Beast which will devour anything you send out of the ballpark and over the fence, though some players may hope to send him something to play with.


Minor League Baseball's CHS Field arrives

MLB The Show 21 has partnered with the MiLB to bring both Double-A and Triple-A Minor League Baseball clubs into the game, but that didn't include all of their ballparks.

That's likely due to licensing rights and ownership of the parks, which may be less consistent than MLB parks, but that isn't stopping players from filling in the gaps with Stadium Creator.

Twitter user @MaxJensen11 chose to pay homage to the St. Paul Saints, and now the Triple-A Affiliate of the Minnesota Twins can get their true home field advantage in MLB The Show 21.


Search function still missing from Stadium Creator

As exciting and well-executed as all of these stadiums are, there's still a glaring flaw that Sony San Diego desperately needs to remedy in their first title update.

As of right now, there is absolutely no way to search for Stadium Creator creations in-game, and you're left browsing a randomly refreshed array of recently created ballparks.

MLB The Show 21 Stadium Creator
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GOOD LUCK: Have fun browsing all 15,000 pages

Currently there is a Vault system with created logos and custom rosters, but this mechanic hasn't been adapted to Stadium Creator yet.

Until Sony San Diego fixes this issue in MLB The Show 21, the only way you'll be able to experience these amazing creations is through the posts of the creators themselves rather than playing in the ballpark yourself.