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MLB The Show 21: September Daily Moments Program Rewards & Evolution Players

MLB The Show 21 has brought in the new month with September Daily Moments in Diamond Dynasty, and the program has some top notch rewards this time.

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We've got details on how you can work through to unlock these great Diamond Dynasty bonuses, and some tips on how to make sure you don't miss out on any of the September Daily Moments in MLB The Show 21.

Latest - September Evolution Player Programs revealed as Moments go live

MLB The Show 21 has officially launched the September Daily Moments Program, and with it comes two new Evolution players.

MLB The SHow 21 september daily moments evolution
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EVOLUTION IS NO MYSTERY: You can make these rookies into Diamonds

This month, players can pick either Johnny Damon or Orlando Cepeda and work them from Rookie all the way to Diamond status in their Evolution Player Program.

You'll need to earn at least 10 Daily Moments points in order to unlock this month's Evolution pack.

Both players have similar strengths, so choose whichever player is at a position you need an upgrade for or which card type (Awards or Signature Series) is most valuable for a Collection you're working through.


MLB The Show 21: September Daily Moments

Daily Moments can vary a lot in difficulty, but they're one of the best ways to get some guaranteed rewards without too much time invested.

How long it takes you to work through each of the Daily Moments can vary based on the exact requirements and your own in-game skill, but you can get huge rewards even if you miss one.

If you want to get consistent rewards in Diamond Dynasty, you'll want to make sure to pop into MLB The Show 21 at least once every few days.

Release Time & Expiration Dates

The September Daily Moments went live at 9am PT (Noon ET/11am CT) on September 1, 2021.

MLB The Show 21 schedule
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TICK TOCK: The clock is ticking for the start of September's program

As of last month, Daily Moments have now had their duration extended and you'll have a full three days to complete each moment.

That means that you can theoretically only hop on once every two or three days and still work through all of the Daily Moments for each month.



When working through this month's Daily Moments program, you'll score the usual mix of packs, stubs, and even be able to get an amazing 99 OVR Milestone Cy Young!

You'll need a full 25 Daily Moments points in order to unlock Cy Young, so stay on top of your Daily Moments in order to snag him.

You can also get tons of packs, including the September Evolution Choice packs, Evolution Rewind, and even Home Run Derby, All-Star Game, and Field of Dreams choice packs if you complete the program.

Evolution Rewind Players

September Daily Moments brought another group of Evolution players in MLB The Show 21, and that means you'll have to work through the program to unlock them.

Fortunately, you won't be completely out of luck if you've missed any of the players from previous months.

Evolution Rewind is back, and this gives you the chance to choose an Evolution player from a past Daily Moments Program this year.

MLB THe Show 21 daily moments evolution player programs
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EVOLUTION IS NO MYSTERY: Snag them from Daily Moments and power them up with a Player Program

If you've missed a decent amount, you'll want to look through the options prior to opening the pack to see who can be most beneficial to your lineup.

Also keep in mind that unlocking the final form will require a series of challenges and Moments to be completed, so don't pick someone you don't expect to be able to finish.

If you're struggling with batting but are better with pitching, it might be a smarter call to pick a pitcher with whom you have a better shot of finishing their Evolution Program in MLB The Show 21.