Roster Update Predictions with several new Diamonds

MLB The Show 21 is always making sure things are fresh in Diamond Dynasty, and that includes another upcoming roster update with several potential new Diamonds.

With the next update just days away, we look at which Live Series players in Diamond Dynasty are most likely to get a ratings increase in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update

MLB The Show 21 has now had three roster updates since the game launched back in April, with the third arriving two weeks ago and firmly setting the pace moving forward.

So far, Sony San Diego has been spot on with a biweekly roster update hitting every two weeks for Live Series players in Diamond Dynasty.

The next roster update is scheduled for Friday, June 11, 2021 and should take effect at approximately Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET).

These attribute adjustments are specific to Diamond Dynasty, and only Live Series cards will be affected.

New Diamonds Predictions

Things have been trending upward when it comes to new Diamond players in each roster update, and that's likely to continue.

We saw as many as six different players get bumped to Diamond tier in the last roster update, and we should see at least two (the fewest we've had so far) when the next update lands.

Marcus Semien, Currently 82 OVR, Toronto Blue Jays

It's not exactly a difficult task to draw a line directly from Marcus Semien being chosen as the Lightning Monthly Awards player in May to his Live Series card getting boosted.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update Predictions Josh Hader Yu Darvish Marcus Semien
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LIGHTNING STRIKES: The Show has already confirmed Semien's amazing May performance

While it's unlikely to end up anywhere near his new 96 OVR card, we should see an improvement to his Live Series card that could take him as high as 86 or 87 OVR after his performance in May.

Ramon Laureano, Currently 84 OVR, Oakland Athletics

After seeing a jump from 83 OVR to 84 OVR in the previous roster update, Laureano has continued to light things up in May and did enough to snag a Monthly Awards nod as well.

Carried by his 8 home runs and 1.5 WAR in May, Laureano is the most likely of this trio to get Diamond status in the next roster update, and it would make him only the second Live Series Diamond for the Oakland Athletics.

Corey Kluber, Currently 80 OVR, New York Yankees

After predicting Kluber to make the leap to Diamond before the last roster update, he saw a jump to 80 OVR but not nearly to the Diamond level that was anticipated.

However, he looks even more guaranteed now to make a leap potentially as high as 85 OVR considering he's had a strong Topps Now Moments card and a Monthly Awards card both dropped based on his performance in May.

Other Diamond Dynasty Ratings

While the most attention tends to center on which players will newly join the Diamond club in Diamond Dynasty, there are current Diamonds also set for a potential ratings upgrade.

The first name that comes to mind is Yu Darvish, who bumped up to 87 OVR in the last roster update and has continued to have a very strong showing in May.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update Predictions Josh Hader Yu Darvish Marcus Semien
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SHARPSHOOTER: Hader's pinpoint precision could get even better

Josh Hader saw his rating step up to 88 OVR in the May 14 Roster Update, further solidifying the Brewers closer as one of the best among Live Series players.

Finally, there's Liam Hendriks who has seen some minor fluctuations in his individual attributes but has yet to improve his 85 OVR rating, and a strong showing in May could've been enough to get him over the hump and into 86+ territory.

The next MLB The Show 21 roster update will land on Friday, June 11, 2021 along with two new packs and a new player program featuring a new Breakout Legend.

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