20 Jan 2021 3:19 AM +00:00

MLB The Show 21 News is Coming in February - What Will We See?

MLB The Show 21 will be a massive step up for baseball gaming as what we expect will be its first next gen release - and we finally have a timeline on the game's first announcements!

So what will these announcements include? Is an MLB The Show 21 Announcement Trailer coming?

Let's go over what we know, what we expect, and when it should arrive!

MLB The Show 21 News Coming in February

Sony's San Diego Studio, the developers of MLB The Show games, have given fans a timeline on when to expect MLB The Show 21 news!

While this reveal could be as boring as a development roadmap, we expect bigger things as MLB The Show games typically arrive in late March (with MLB The Show 20 being an outlier that released in January).


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Because of the timeline, we are expecting an MLB The Show 21 Announcement Trailer that will hopefully give fans a release date, and possibly even a cover star!

MLB The Show 21 Delays

Because of the timeframe of the first real reveal of MLB The Show 21 news in February - we expect some amount of delays for the game.

MLB The Show 21 News February Reveal Release Date Cover Star
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MLB The Show 21 would be expected in late March, but depending on how much of the game we get to see in February, this timeline could be pushed back later into 2021.

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All things point to MLB The Show 21 being the first game of the series optimized and developed for next gen consoles. Even if it takes some extra time, baseball gaming fans should be massively excited about the game that could level up baseball gaming immensely.