MLB The Show 21 November Events Schedule: Release Date for 9th Inning, Team Affinity

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MLB The Show 21 continues to deliver new content even as the MLB season winds down having now crowned the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves.

With the future in mind, this November Events Schedule will take a look at everything we know is coming to MLB The Show 21 this month.

MLB The Show 21: November Events Schedule, Every Release Date

MLB The Show 21 has continued to bring new content to Diamond Dynasty throughout the season, and regular drops have become something players can count on.

Even with the MLB season now wrapping up, that doesn't mean new content will stop arriving in MLB The Show 21.

MLB THe SHow 21 event schedule november
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COMING SOON: The in-game schedule shows this upcoming content

First, let's take a brief look at all of the new content that already arrived or is coming soon in MLB The Show 21 for November 2021:

  • November 1: Ranked Seasons gets Milestone Orel Hershiser in World Series choice pack
  • November 2: Jack O' Lantern Conquest map added for 8th Inning Program
  • November 5: World Series Program with new Conquest map, Final Roster Update, and Milestone Hurlers Event
  • November 9: Battle Royale gets a new Program reward and new Flawless choice pack player
  • November 12: 9th Inning Program goes live, likely to include new Conquest map
  • November 19: Team Affinity Season 5 to be released, likely to include new Conquest map

Now that we've outlined each of the known upcoming releases, let's take a closer look at the biggest things coming in November.

Final Roster Update, 9th Inning Program, and Team Affinity 5 all set to launch

While there will be lots of new content in MLB The Show 21 throughout the month of November, there are three definitive headliners among them.

First up, we're just days away from the final MLB The Show 21 Roster Update, and this one will take into account all postseason performances to give the final Live Series ratings adjustments.

You can find more details here about what time that will arrive and some of the players likely to be new Diamonds when it is released.

MLB The Show 21 Carlos Correa
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ONE LAST HURRAH: Team Affinity 5 could be the last drop of its kind this year

The 9th Inning Program is due to arrive one week later, and that will give us new content and provide and idea of whether Sony San Diego intends to extend the 9th Inning Program longer than others have lasted or if the 10th Inning Program is just four to six weeks away.

Finally, the last big content drop for November is expected to be Team Affinity Season 5, and that will bring new Diamonds for every team as well as the likely arrival of a new Conquest map and other ways to earn rewards.

Team Affinity 5 may end up being the final of its kind for MLB The Show 21, and that means they could bring out all the stops to make this one an extra special program.