Celebrate Lou Gehrig Day by unlocking him in The Show

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In celebration of the inaugural Lou Gehrig Day, you can head into MLB The Show 21 and unlock the baseball legend for your Diamond Dynasty squad.

We've got details on how to earn Lou Gehrig through Team Affinity, how the MLB is honoring Lou Gehrig Day, and ways you can donate to support the fight against ALS.

Lou Gehrig Day to be honored by the MLB

Today, which is June 2, 2021, marks exactly 96 years since the legendary Lou Gehrig became the starting first baseman for the 1925 New York Yankees.

Unfortunately, it also marks exactly 80 years after the day Lou Gehrig passed away from ALS, which is commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

For the first time ever, the MLB honors Gehrig with an official Lou Gehrig Day on June 2, and you can find more details here on how the league will pay homage to his legacy today.

If you're able to, click here to make a donation to The ALS Association or find an ALS charity in your area to support.

How to unlock Lou Gehrig in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

If you want to use the legendary Lou Gehrig in Franchise Mode or other non-Diamond Dynasty parts of MLB The Show 21, he can be found in the Mid-Century Groundbreakers team via Roster Control.

However, it'll take a little extra work to gain access to him in Diamond Dynasty, and you won't be able to purchase Lou Gehrig on the Community Market.

Instead, Gehrig is available as one of the Diamond rewards in Team Affinity Season 2 for the AL East, and you need at least 60 Team Affinity Points to unlock him.

MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Lou Gehrig Day Team Affinity Season 2 How to Unlock
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THE IRON HORSE: Unlock the legend in Diamond Dynasty

The reward for that amount of progress in the program is your first AL East Diamond Choice Pack for Team Affinity Season 2, and 1928 Postseason Lou Gehrig is available as a 95 OVR First Baseman.

If you've already used that first AL East Diamond Choice Pack on someone else, you'll have to continue earning points for the program to get the next one and have another chance to choose Lou Gehrig.

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