MLB The Show 21 drops another tiny game update

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MLB The Show 21 has released Game Update 6 along with restarting servers, and the patch notes for Version 1.06/1.006/ show a few of the things developers fixed this time.

We've got all the details on Game Update 6 for MLB The Show 21, including download size and details of what exactly was changed this time.

Game Update 6: Patch Notes for Version 1.06/1.006/


MLB The Show 21 implemented Game Update 6 and sent it live for all platforms on May 13, 2021 at 4am PT (6am CT/7am ET).

Game Update 6 is Version 1.06 on PS4, Version 1.006 on PS5, and Version on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Game Update 6 has a download size of just 904.41mb on Xbox Series X|S, a much larger 3.581gb on PS4, and the download size is likely similar but not currently known for Xbox One and PS5.

MLB The Show 21 Game Update 6 Patch Notes Servers Road to the Show Crash
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JUMP FOR IT: The Show 21 is reaching to resolve all crashes

Sony San Diego did release patch notes for Game Update 6, but they're about as short and to the point as any patch notes have ever been.


"This is a small update that fixes the missing skin textures, clipping helmets, and a crash in Road to the Show."

That's the extent of Game Update 6, according to developers at Sony San Diego, but the reason for the size discrepancy between PS4 and Xbox Series X|S isn't known.

MLB The Show 21 update also prompts restart of servers

On top of implementing the update itself for all platforms, MLB The Show 21 also went offline briefly when the update went live for a server restart.

It's not an uncommon practice, but shows again how much Sony San Diego is trying to resolve server struggles that have plagued the title since launch.

While things have definitely improved since the title released on Early Access and then to all players, but there's more work to be done as servers continue to fail.