MLB The Show 21 launches Billy Williams Player Program

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MLB The Show 21 never slows down with their stream of new content in Diamond Dynasty, and this time the spotlight is on a Chicago legend.

After teasing him yesterday, it's now confirmed that Billy Williams is headed to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 21!


Latest - Milestone Billy Williams now live celebrating natural cycle

MLB The Show 21 has now launched the Billy Williams Player Program that was teased yesterday, and players can earn a powerful 95 OVR version of Billy Williams.

The Cubs legend became the first player in Chicago's franchise history to hit a natural cycle on July 17, 1966 at Busch Memorial Stadium.

MLB The Show 21 Player Program Billy Williams
NATURAL LEGEND: You can unlock Williams today by finishing his Player Program

This new Milestone version of him celebrates that accomplishment, and brings with it some appropriate stats with 100+ ratings in Contact and Power vs. Left-Handed Pitchers, 90+ Contact and Power vs. Right-Handed Pitchers, and an amazing 110 in Vision.

You can find this 4th Inning Player Program now in Diamond Dynasty, and completing the Missions, Moments, and Exchange will unlock some Stubs, Packs, and finally Milestone Billy Williams.

MLB The Show 21 teases Billy Williams Player Program

MLB The Show 21 continues to get new content delivered in-game as Sony San Diego has remained committed to keeping the game fresh.


One of the ways they've done that is with Player Programs for each of the Inning Programs, which give players a way to work towards a powerful player while earning XP.

That will ring true once again as the first 4th Inning Player Program is set to be released tomorrow, and this tweet has teased who might get chosen.

Once you dig into the clues that were provided, things are too specific to ignore the perfect candidate: Hall of Famer and former Chicago Cubs left fielder Billy Williams.

Williams played for the Chicago Cubs from 1959 to 1974, and he's one of only three Baseball Hall of Famers to have played for the Burlington Bees.

Paul Molitor and Larry Walker are the other two, but neither was ever runner-up for NL MVP, though Walker did get into the Top 10 for voting in four different years.

Meanwhile, Billy Williams narrowly lost the NL MVP voting in both 1970 and 1972 to the same man: Johnny Bench.

It looks all but guaranteed that Williams is joining Diamond Dynasty when this Player Program goes live on July 9, 2021 at Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET).

Billy Williams Diamond Dynasty Ratings Prediction

When it comes to the question of how powerful this new Milestone Billy Williams will be in Diamond Dynasty, there's a version of him already in the game that can give a great preview.

Diamond Dynasty exists separately of the regular rosters in MLB The Show 21, and Billy Williams is one of many Legends already in the game and on one of the three Legends teams.

However, you can check their stats in Roster Control and even move them to active teams, which is how we can see what one version of a 96 OVR Billy Williams looks like in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Billy Williams Player Program 4th Inning How to Unlock Complete
BEST INDICATOR: Williams is already built into MLB The Show 21

Based on past Player Programs, things have been slowly increasing, but the last Player Program for Dave Parker had him at just a 91 OVR.

Williams is unlikely to be quite at the 96 OVR level, but somewhere in the 92 to 94 OVR range seems very likely.

As for pure stats, expect him to be a hitting machine against Right-Handed Pitchers, with the same top-notch Clutch, Vision, and Durability that the main roster version has.

On top of that, the main roster version has four quirks: Hitting Machine (excels at getting base hits), 20/20 Vision (rarely misses the ball when swinging), Pressure Cooker (performs better when there are runners on base), and Unbreakable (avoids injuries and recovers energy at a high rate).

We'll likely see at least a few of these, potentially all four, also attached to Milestone Billy Williams when he goes live in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty.