MLB The Show 21 - 7th Inning Program: All Bosses & Conquest Map Revealed

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MLB The Show 21 has officially begun the 7th Inning Program in Diamond Dynasty, and things just keep getting better for the Ultimate Team mode.

We've got all the details on the new bosses, Conquest Map, and when the 7th Inning Program is expected to end in MLB The Show 21.

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Latest - New Bosses and Conquest Map revealed as program goes LIVE

We finally know about all of the exciting content coming in the 7th Inning Program, and that begins with three epic bosses.

After learning of Signature Series Tony Gwynn yesterday, he'll be joined by two other 99 OVR hitters in Milestone Hank Aaron and Future Stars Spencer Torkelson.

7th inning bosses mlb the show 21
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THE BOSSES: These three epic cards are now up for grabs

On top of that, the 7th Inning Kraken Conquest Map will be coming with an amazing 26 hidden packs littered about to collect.


We'll have a detailed Conquest Hidden Rewards locations map on that soon, but you can get your journey started now to see what can be found.

Finally, a Milestone Joe Carter Player Program is going live with the 7th Inning Program, giving you a shot at a powerful card and the ability to get a huge chunk of 7th Inning XP right out of the gate.

MLB The Show 21: 7th Inning Program Release Date & Time

MLB The Show 21 is set to launch the 7th Inning Program in a few short days for Diamond Dynasty, and it's likely to have roughly the same length as the others have.

Release Date: Friday, September 24, 2021

Expected End Date: Friday, October 22, 2021

Most of the Inning Programs have clocked in right at four weeks, though we could see this one push to five or six, which might give us an end date at the end of October or in early November.

mlb the show 21 7th inning program
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TO THE MOON: Epic hitters are the focus this time with the 7th Inning Bosses

As of now, the expected dates for the 2021 World Series are between October 26 and November 3, 2021, which could change but would line up with the 8th Inning Program being released just prior to that event.

Release time is expected to be Noon PT, which has consistently been the release time for MLB drops since MLB The Show 21 released back in April.


7th Inning Bosses Predictions

While we don't have any officially revealed just yet, the 7th Inning Program will come with three epic bosses as all the other Inning Programs have.

With MLB The Show 21 firmly in the late game, we know all three of these 7th Inning Bosses will be 99 OVR cards, and the focus is on legendary hitters this time.

While more details haven't been given about two of them, the latest teaser on one of these 7th Inning Bosses gives several clues.

The three facts about Boss #1 are key, but as are the stats in the image which indicate likely perfect Contact but slightly lacking Power.


Several guesses have rolled in, but the most likely options seem to be Tony Gwynn, with a few suggesting Kirby Puckett.

Some players predicted Derek Jeter, Pete Rose, David Wright, Mike Trout, or Hank Aaron, but none of them lines up with the power stats showing above.

All of those names seem like possibilities for the other two 7th Inning Bosses, but right now Tony Gwynn seems most likely to take this first teased spot.

We'll have to wait for the program to go live to see how the card reveals go, what stats they end up with, and who ends up being the most must-have 7th Inning Boss.