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MLB The Show 21 11th Inning Program brings the endgame to Diamond Dynasty

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MLB The Show 21 is entering the endgame for Diamond Dynasty, and that means the arrival of the 11th Inning Program.

We've got all the details on when this final Diamond Dynasty chapter will be released and what kinds of content MLB The Show 21 will end the year with.

MLB The Show 21: 11th Inning Program Release Date

MLB The Show 21 has continued to deliver a new Inning Program for Diamond Dynasty about every four to six weeks since the game was released in April 2021.

That progression has finally reached a final stage, as the 10th Inning Program nears a close and sets up the conclusion of this year's Diamond Dynasty.

Players don't have much longer to wait, as the 11th Inning Program is confirmed for a release date of January 7, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

MLB The Show 21 11th inning program double xp
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DOUBLE XP: The bonus will stay active until the 11th Inning Program

This will also mark the end of the 10th Inning Program, which currently has Double XP active until its conclusion.

Players who are still hoping to snag the legendary 10th Inning Boss Albert Pujols still have a few weeks to grind their way towards it, and one of the best ways to do that is through playing the various Conquest maps.

If you're coming into Diamond Dynasty for the first time or have been away for a while, check out our Diamond Dynasty Survival Guide for a refresher.

The Forever Program brings the endgame to Diamond Dynasty

While we don't have many details yet on exactly what kinds of content will be included this year, looking back to MLB The Show 20 does give us a good indication.

In the past, Sony San Diego has made the final program in Diamond Dynasty one that essentially unlocks many of the hardest to acquire players one more time.

We've seen every single other Inning Program Boss turned into a reward in the final program, or as they've dubbed this one The Forever Program.

MLB THe SHow 21 11th inning program
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FOREVER: This is the description in-game right now in MLB The Show 21

We're also sure to see some refreshes across the board, potentially bringing back classic Conquest maps or adding new ones to go with the 11th Inning Program.

At this point, MLB The Show 21 is pretty far past its lifespan for most players, but there's plenty of opportunity now for lapsed players to hop back in and get some extra fun ahead of next year's MLB The Show 22.

One other piece of the puzzle we could see, and one that would be extremely smart for Sony San Diego to do, is having some sort of rollover between MLB The Show 21 and MLB The Show 22 through this final program.

If players feel like grinding now will help set them up for a headstart when MLB The Show 22 arrives, it could draw them back in or convince players looking ahead to that game to try MLB The Show 21 in the meantime.

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