MLB The Show 21: 10th Inning Program Start Date & Time, Pujols Revealed

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MLB The Show 21 is almost ready to dive into Extra Innings with the 10th Inning Program in Diamond Dynasty.

We've got all the details on when the 10th Inning Program will start and how long you'll have to finish the 9th Inning in MLB The Show 21.


Latest - 10th Inning Boss revealed

With the 10th Inning Program almost set to arrive, we're finally learning a little about what to expect in the program, and there's a big change.

While all the other Inning Programs since MLB The Show 21 launched featured three bosses, there is just one 10th Inning Boss.

The attention turns to the legend Albert Pujols, and his new 99 OVR Milestone card will be the ultimate prize of the 10th Inning Program.

MLB The Show 21: 10th Inning Program Start Date & Time

While MLB The Show 21 is reaching a late stage in the life of Diamond Dynasty, things aren't over just yet.

With the 9th Inning Program ready to draw to a close, MLB The Show 21 will leap into Extra Innings and keep Diamond Dynasty alive.

One main change is that they've officially ended the content stream revealing each program, with the reveal for the 9th Inning marking the end as they shift attention towards development of MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 21 10th inning program
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SCHEDULE: The 10th Inning is the last event showing on their current schedule

As of now, the 10th Inning Program is set to begin on Friday, December 10, 2021 at approximately Noon PT / 2pm ET.

That will also mark the end of the 9th Inning Program, but we don't know for sure how long the 10th Inning Program will last.

We've seen an 11th Inning Program used in the past for MLB The Show and often that marks the conclusion for Diamond Dynasty, so they may stick to the standard 4-week duration for the 10th Inning.

If they choose that length, it would put the 11th Inning Program's arrival around January 7, 2022, and that would likely mark the end with MLB The Show 22 reveals expected in early February of 2022.

Double XP activated for remainder of 9th Inning

If you're still hoping to snag some of the rewards from the 9th Inning Program, time isn't out just yet.

You'll still have until approximately 11am PT on Friday, December 10, 2021 to finish things up, and Sony San Diego has given players a boost as well.

MLB The Show 21 10th Inning Program
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DOUBLE XP: Get more bang for your buck by playing now

Double XP will remain active until the conclusion of the 9th Inning Program, and as such you'll be able to get the most out of every game as you try to snag those 9th Inning Bosses.

With the game so late in its lifespan, it wouldn't be shocking to see Double XP on significantly more often in these last few months.

While not guaranteed, it's likely they'll trigger Double XP for the last half of the 10th Inning Program and may leave it turned on permanently when the 11th Inning Program arrives.