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10 Mar 2020

MLB The Show 20 Trailer: Gameplay shows of RTTS, World Series, and minor league journey

MLB The Show 20 Trailer: Gameplay shows of RTTS, World
Series, and minor league journey

The release date is close and a new trailer is here. Create your journey in MLB The Show 20.

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New trailer

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Minor league rosters

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Create, customize, and live out your dreams

The release date of MLB The Show 20 is closing in fast.

Which means the hype train keeps on rolling!

A new trailer shows off everything the game has to offer.

Hitting the shelves on 17 March 2020, with early access allowing play even sooner, let's take a look at the latest trailer.

New trailer

mlb the show 20

COVER STAR: Javier Baez is on the front of MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20 offers a journey like few other sports games.

Road To The Show is a long career mode that will see you go from the minor leagues all the way to the top of the Majors, if you are good enough that is.

This trip to stardom is the focal point of the new trailer.

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"Some spend their whole lives chasing big dreams. Me? I lived mine."

The ability to live out your wildest dreams might be why they use gameplay footage of the LA Dodgers finally lifting the World Series title. Ouch.

Minor league rosters

mlb the show 20 minor league rebranding

RIDE THE BUS: Mash your way through the minors

The addition of the real minor league rosters is new this year, and only serves to add enormous depth to this year's game.

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Now you can come up through the ranks with real players, or act as GM and trade for your favorite prospects.

Create, customize, and live out your dreams

mlb the show 20 custom league settings

CREATE & WIN: Beat your friends in online leagues

This line from the trailer rings true in a special way this year.

In MLB The Show 20 not only will you be able to create custom leagues with your friends to play online, but you can relocate a franchise too.

The ability to turn the Tampa Bay Rays into the Edmonton Wildcats creates a huge amount of freedom in the game that wasn't there before.

Now your home town can have a ball club, and raise a banner in your honor.

What will you do in MLB The Show 20?