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MLB The Show 20: Fielding Guide - How to make big catches, double plays & more

Most close games in MLB The Show 20 come down to making the right play in the field.

Think about it. Missed fly balls, letting grounders through a hole, wrong throw choices, not to mention errors. All of these things can turn a sure win into a loss in an instant.

Let's go over how to improve your fielding to turn and hold games on defense.

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Know your team

MLB The Show 20 fielding guide short fly ball
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POP QUIZ: A short fly ball between third, shortstop, and left field. Whose is it?

When it comes to defense in MLB The Show 20, you're tasked with juggling a lot of moving parts. And each of these moving parts has different skill sets.


That means it's absolutely crucial for players to know their defense as well as they know their batting lineup. If a fly ball is heading straight to left/center field, you should know which of your outfielders is more likely to make the play.

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There's a world of difference in chasing a fly ball down with 20 Speed versus 90 Speed. And a big difference in catching ability between 20 Fielding and 90 Fielding. Those moments are when games are won and lost, so knowing who to switch to and how to use them is important.

Know the situation

Ronald Acuna Jr MLB The Show 20 best u25 players franchise mode diamond dynasty road to the show 1
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When Acuna Jr. steps to the plate, get your outfielders ready for a big one.


Situational awareness is paramount in baseball. Keeping track of strike counts, outs, base runners, and batter skills are all important things to practice.

Once you have a hold on the situation you're in, you can make the right choices when it comes to trying to pick off baserunners, what types of hits to expect, and where to throw the ball.

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Speaking of throwing the ball, there's a certain technique that requires exceptional situational awareness. Charging your throw.

Charging and timing your throw

MLB The Show Meters
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Nailing your timing means avoiding errors and making big plays


MLB The Show 20's fielding has a timing minigame for charging up throws. You'll have to nail your timing to get a perfectly executed throw and turn double plays with ease.

A well executed charge makes big plays possible, so mastering it is very important.

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But of course, all the fielding mechanics in the world doesn't help bad throwing decisions. So when you do make the big play in the field, make sure you know where the ball is going afterward.

You can practice fielding tricks like this in practice mode scenarios to hone them before queuing.

Robbing home runs over the wall

MLB The Show 20 fielding guide charging throw from outfield
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BIG ARM: Try to snag greedy baserunners after denying a home run

Outfielders are so good at robbing home runs in MLB The Show 20 that they were actually nerfed in the last patch. Regardless of the change, though, nabbing home runs just over the wall can change everything in a game. And it's not as hard as it looks.

To get your glove over the wall, simply run up to it straight to keep your momentum while you time pressing the button you've assigned. Don't start your run early or you'll be on the wall long before the home run sails over.

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