MLB The Show 20 Closed Beta: Events, feedback, livestreams and everything you need to know

The Closed Beta is underway for The Show 20! Here is everything you need to know.

by Remy Cabache
javier baez is the cover star of MLB the show 20

The MLB The Show 20 Closed Beta is officially underway as the lucky players are now receiving their invite to become the first people to play the new game.

San Diego Studios went live at 6pm ET to announce the official start of the Closed Beta and give participants and fans all the information they need ahead of the gameplay becoming available on January 14th.

With the game going live in a matter of hours, here is everything you need to know about the Closed Beta.



The Closed Beta is going to run from the morning of January 14th until 11:59pm PT on January 20th. Along the way there are five distinct events in Diamond Dynasty designed to give you a varied experience and to test various specific features of the game.

All the while you will be able to play three online modes – Events, Battle Royale, and Play with Friends.

Tuesday 14th: Closed Beta I

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The first two days of the beta are pretty simple. In Diamond Dynasty you’ll be able to build your best team possible by opening as many free packs as you want.

Diamond Dreams packs give you the best players available, and as I mentioned before, they are free and you can open as many as you want. The Show Packs are also available, but they will only contain contact hitters.

On the 14th and 15th you’ll be able to use that squad – you’re best possible squad – in games all on Hall of Fame difficulty.

Along with the gameplay becoming available, at 10am PT the forums on will open for players to discuss and post about their experience and the game.

Thursday 16th: Beta Contact

This is where the The Show packs become relevant, because the event is to play games with the best squad of contact hitters possible. Again, this will be on Hall of Fame difficulty.

This will also mark the opening of surveys on for players to answer important question about specific aspects of the game, such as the hitting, fielding and throwing.

Friday 17th: Beta Power

This will be very similar to the previous days, but instead using power hitters. It is also on Hall of Fame difficulty.

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Saturday 18th: Closed Beta II

This event is a return to the very first, letting you field your best possible team. This time it is on All-Star difficulty.

Monday 20th: Closed Beta III

You guessed, same as the other two ‘Closed Beta’ events, but this time it is on Legend difficulty.

Monday 20th: Closed Beta Ends @ 11:59pm PT

The game servers will be shutdown. Head to to leave your feedback.


Throughout the Closed Beta, players are encouraged to head to the forums, surveys and threads on to give feedback and discuss the game.

The feedback you give will include you stats, such as strike outs, home runs, batting average etc. They need to know how these players perform on set difficulties.

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You’ll be able to interact with other players or send information straight to the devs about the game.

What’s new?

Unfortunately, the announcement didn’t reveal anything about the game, and again reminded participants they are not allowed to share any content from the beta.

However, they did announce they would be sharing new features and specifics of MLB The Show 20 soon, some time in the next few weeks.

Twitch Livestreams

No, this isn’t of the beta, but it is the dates for the coming livestreams ahead of the game’s release.


We don’t know the titles yet, but it at least gives us dates to look forward to as the release of the game draws closer and closer.

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Remy Cabache