MLB The Show 20: Chicago Cubs playing rating predictions – Javier Baez, Kris Bryant & more

Looking to avoid another World Series drought, how good will the Cubs’ roster be in 2020?

by Remy Cabache
Javier Baez the cover star of MLB The Show 20

The 2019 Chicago Cubs season will be remembered as the end of the Joe Maddon era in Chicago, as the manager who led the team to their first World Series title in 108 years was fired.

The firing came as a result of three years of ‘under-achieving’ since reaching the pinnacle of the sport. In those three years the Cubs have finished 92-70, 95-68 and 84-78, making the playoffs twice but losing in the Championship Series and Wild Card round.

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Nevertheless, in that time they have still retained many players from their championship winning squad – some of the best players in the Majors. Most of those players will still be around come the release of MLB The Show 20, including cover star Javier Baez.

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So, how will the Cubs’ players be rated come release day on March 17th?

Javier Baez, SS

COVER: Baez’ rise to fame has been immense, and is becoming the face of MLB

2019 launch ratings: 89

2020 prediction: 95

Where better to start than the cover star of MLB The Show 20? Not only did Baez continue his climb to be considered among the best fielders in the Majors, he ended the year as the highest rated Cub. All of that, plus his being on the cover, means he should be one of the highest rated players in the game.

The SS ended the regular season rated at 93 in The Show 19. With another offseason of work and the boost of being the cover athlete should see him jump a little higher in every facet. His 86 fielding should also see a nice bump.

Kris Bryant, 3B

HOT CORNER: Bryant is entrenched among the best 3B in the Majors

2019 launch ratings: 92

2020 prediction: 93

Since winning Rookie of the Year in 2015, and following it with MVP in 2016, Bryant had failed to win any awards or return to the All-Star game. Despite the Cubs not having a great season, Bryant found himself back in the All-Star game as he had a great season.

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He hit 35 doubles and 34 homers, driving in 77 runs and scoring 108 runs himself, while hitting .282. It wasn’t his best season, when compared to 2015 and 2016, but it was a step back in the right direction and has him set up well for 2020.

Willson Contreras, C

RISING STAR: Contreras keeps on getting better for the Cubs

2019 launch ratings: 83

2020 prediction: 87

Contreras was one of the Cubs’ biggest risers this season. Coming off an All-Star season in 2018, he was still rated among the pack at catcher. However, his improved play through 2019 saw him rise to be among the best catchers in the Majors by season’s end.

Going into his fourth full season in the Majors, Contreras does have room to improve but at just 26 is absolutely in the mix to make more big strides through the season. To start the year, though, an 87 overall rating reflects his growth through 2019 but acknowledges some of his rougher edges.

Anthony Rizzo, 1B

PROPS: Rizzo doesn’t always get the attention he deserves

2019 launch ratings: 85

2020 prediction: 87

Rizzo has managed to stay relatively under the radar as he has put together very good season upon very good season. 2019 was no different as his strong season at the plate and in the field went fairly unnoticed thanks to the Cubs’ shortcomings.

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At the plate he had his best year in terms of batting average, hitting .293, and hit 29 doubles, 27 homers to drive in 94 runs. In the field he added his third Gold Glove in four years and second in as many years. That should be enough to give him a little boosts across the board.

Kyle Hendricks, SP

ACE: Hendricks need to step into the ace role for the Cubs

2019 launch ratings: 86

2020 prediction: 86

Much like the Cubs, Hendricks was unspectacular in 2019, playing at a very similar level as he did the year prior.

Hendricks posted a 3.46 ERA and struck out 150 batters with an 11-10 record in 30 starts. He was a good starter and figures to stay at a pretty similar level going into MLB The Show 20.

Here are the rest of our Chicago Cubs MLB The Show 20 ratings predictions:

Player Position 2019 launch rating 2020 prediction
Kyle Schwarber LF 82 84
Craig Kimbrel CP 84 84
Jon Lester SP 84 82
Jose Quintana SP 81 80
Yu Darvish SP 82 80
Jason Heyward RF 75 77
Kyle Ryan RP 60 76

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