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MLB The Show 19: Trophy Guide

Like a lot of games, MLB The Show 19's trophies span a lot of different game modes and force you to get engage with nearly every aspect of the game at least once. This years game asks you to dip into Franchise Mode, Diamond Dynasty, and focuses on some of the more minute details within Road to the Show. There are trophies hidden in the depths of each mode that you might not automatically run into if you weren't specifically hunting for them, meaning earning that platinum trophy can be a lot of hard work.

There are nine hidden trophies this year, but not all require seasons of play or ultra-specific events to happen. Many are things you will naturally be striving to do such as throw an immaculate inning or pitch a no-hitter but there are also some that will take a lot of hard work to earn.

MLB The Show 19 Trophy List

We have listed every trophy you can earn in the table below, including the hidden trophies, to help you 100% MLB The Show 19.

Achievement Description Trophy
Pump ItIn Road to the Show, reach 10 reps in the bench press mini-gameBronze
Hello, WorldIn Road to the Show, complete the new player creationBronze
None Shall Pass (Hidden)In Road to the Show, fail a challengeBronze
Yyyaarrrrgghh! (Hidden)In Road to the Show, create a player who was born "At Sea"Bronze
Something To Talk AboutIn Diamond Dynasty, equip any unlocked audioBronze
The More You KnowIn Diamond Dynasty, complete the onboarding tutorialBronze
Walk This WayRecord a walk in your first at-bat of the gameBronze
Do It Like ThisEquip an unlockable no doubt home run animationBronze
Simon SaysIn Road to the Show, reach a sore of 40 in the pitch memory mini-gameSilver
You're Not The Boss of MeIn Road to the Show successfully win a Boss BattleSilver
Lock Him UpIn Franchise Mode, extend a player contract during the seasonSilver
Hi, DeeHave your first encounter with Heidi WatneySilver
VelociraptorHit the ball over 115+ mphSilver
Big Fly Ohtani SonHit a home run with Ohtani on All-Star or above difficultySilver
Father Son PicnicWin the Home Run Derby with Bryce HarperSilver
Welcome To The Chip (Hidden)In Diamond Dynasty, reach the Championship Series Division in Ranked SeasonsGold
Well That Was Easy (Hidden)In Play Now, Retro Mode, Or Franchise Mode, record 3 outs on 3 pitches in 1 inning by 1 pitcherGold
Some Like It Holt (Hidden)Hit for a cycle in the PostseasonGold
Immaculate Inning (Hidden)3 strikeouts, 9 pitches total in 1 inningGold
Patience Is A Virtue (Hidden)Finish a game without skipping a presentationGold
A Chip Off The Ol' Block (Hidden)Hit a home run from both sides as a switch hitterGold
No-No (Hidden)Throw a no hitter or perfect game in a 9 inning gameGold
G.O.A.T.Earn all The Show 19 trophiesPlatinum
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