MLB The Show 19: San Diego Padres Player Ratings, Roster, Lineups, & Farm System

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The San Diego Padres were established in 1969 and averaged 101 losses a year for their first 6 seasons. They didn't have a winning season until 1978, and didn't make the playoffs until 1984. Behind terrific seasons from Tony Gwynn, Kevin McReynolds, and Carmelo Martinez the Padres made their way to the World Series against the Detroit Tigers but fell 4-1. The Padres wouldn't get back to the playoffs until 1996, and in 1998 they returned to the World Series only to be swept by the Yankees.

In the 2000's the Padres won the NL West in 2005 & '06 but lost in the divisional series. That was their last playoff appearance, and their last winning season came in 2010 as the Padres have slowly drifted into irrelevance. In recent years the team has taken steps to change that though. They have invested in name players, and prior to the 2019 season threw a 10 year, $300 million at Manny Machado to try and bring some eyes back to San Diego.

With that new signing can you build a team to finally bring the World Series to San Diego?

*All stats correct at time of writing

Team Rating

There is no single team OVR in MLB The Show 19. Instead you get a ranking from 1st to 30th that shows you exactly where each team sits in the hierarchy of baseball. The problem with this is that you can't see the gap between the 6th placed team and those either side of them.

The Padres come into Franchise Mode ranked 21st in the Majors. Their best quality is their 3rd ranked defense followed by their 14th ranked power. It is a good job you have that defense as their pitching only ranks 23rd, as does their contact while the team speed is ranked 21st.

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Financially the Padres are a small market team. With a budget of $133.5 million they are some way behind the biggest teams in the National League, never mind the American League monsters in Boston and New York. This means you will need to be highly selective in your investments and use the farm system to its full potential. There are some cornerstone pieces in this roster though. Players you can look to build around in the years to come. Who are they?

Manny Machado, Third Base (93 OVR)

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Age: 26

Throws/Bats: R/R

Contract: 10 years/$300 million

Secondary Position: 1B, SS

Hitter Tendency: Pull Hitter

Best Stats: Durability (99), Arm Strength (92), Contact vs L (84), Clutch (83), Arm Accuracy (80), Power vs R (79), Contact vs R (78), Reaction (78)

Manny Machado was the third-overall pick for the Baltimore Orioles in the 2010 draft. He got his MLB debut with them in 2012 and by 2013 was an All-Star thanks to a ridiculous 51 doubles and gold glove defense. Machado quickly developed into one of the best third basemen in the game and hit 162 homers with the Orioles before being traded last summer to the Dodgers. He signed a monster free agent deal with the Padres prior to the 2019 season.

In The Show 19 Machado is an excellent all-round player. His fielding (75) is solid and his arm strength (92) is superb. He has good contact skill (78/84) and power (79/72) and he's also good in the clutch (83). He doesn't have much speed (42) but he other than that he can produce at the plate and in the field.

Wil Myers, Left Field (84 OVR)

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Age: 28

Throws/Bats: R/R

Contract: 4 years/$55.3 million

Secondary Position: 1B, 3B, CF, RF

Hitter Tendency: Extreme Pull

Best Stats: Durability (95), Arm Strength (76), Disciplin (75), Fielding (73), Reaction (73), Power vs L (70), Arm Accuracy (70)

Wil Myers was a third-round pick in 2009 for the Kansas City Royals but got his MLB debut with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2013, playing 88 games with 13 homers and a .293 average as he won the AL Rookie of the Year. Myers developed into a solid player for the Rays but in December 2014 he was part of a three-team trade that sent him to San Diego. His first year as a Padre was unremarkable but in 2016 Myers developed a power stroke and hit 28 homers as he got his first All-Star appearance. He backed that up with 30 homers in 2017 before injury slowed him in 2018.

In The Show 19 Myers is a solid all-round player. He has reasonable contact skill (61/58) and power (65/70) at the plate, along with good durability (95) and discipline (75). He is capable in the field (73) and has nice arm strength (76). Myers also has the speed (65) and steal ability (48) to swipe some bases. He's no MVP candidate but he is the kind of player every team needs.

Garrett Richards, Starting Pitcher (84 OVR)

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Age: 30

Throws/Bats: R/R

Contract:2 years/$15.5 million

Pitches: Slider, 4-Seam Fastball, 2-Seam Fastball, Curveball

Best Stats: Break (99), Velocity (91), K/9 (75), Stamina (73), H/9 (72)

Garrett Richards was a first-round pick for the Los Angeles Angels in 2009 and got his MLB debut with them in 2011. Richards didn't enter the rotation on a permanent basis until 2014, when he made 26 starts with a stellar 2.61 ERA and 8.8 K/9. Richards followed that up with a good 2015 campaign in which he threw over 200 innings but injuries have piled up in recent years and limited him to just 28 starts and 138.2 inning in the last three years. He signed with the Padres in December 2018.

In The Show 19 Richards has elite break (99) and superb velocity (91). His limiting factor is a lack of control (48) and less than ideal stamina. However with a slider and curveball he should rack up strikeouts (75) and really frustrate opposing lineups on his best days.

San Diego Padres MLB Roster

There can be fluctuations in player OVR from save to save in The Show 19, but even when there is the underlying stats for the player are consistent. We will start our look at the Padres MLB roster with the position players and then move on to the pitchers.

Player OVR Age Position Bat Hand Best Contact Best Power Fielding Speed
Manny Machado93263BR84 (L)79 (R)7542
Wil Myers8428LFR61 (R)70 (L)7365
Austin Hedges8126CR44 (R/L)67 (R)8531
Ian Kinsler79362BR73 (L)62 (L)8042
Eric Hosmer78291BL86 (R)62 (R)6837
Hunter Renfroe7627RFR70 (L)87 (L)6353
Franmil Reyes7323RFR81 (L)79 (L)5245
Jose Pirela72292BR61 (R)48 (L)5673
Manuel Margot7024CFR56 (L)40 (R)7486
Greg Garcia70292BL68 (R)38 (L)6753
Francisco Mejia6923CS46 (R)48 (L)6840
Travis Jankowski6827RFL72 (R)37 (R)7179
Javy Guerra6223SSL48 (R)39 (R)7447
Player OVR Age Position Throw Hand Stamina Control Velocity Break
Kirby Yates8632CPR24778199
Garrett Richards8430SPR73489199
Craig Stammen8335RPR27727084
Matt Strahm8227SPL69557088
Robbie Erlin7928SPL65806370
Robert Stock7829RPR28448555
Jose Castillo7623RPL25497756
Joey Lucchesi7625SPL74666570
Adam Warren7631RPR27536179
Dinelson Lamet7226SPR78608299
Aaron Loup7131RPL22598371
Phil Maton6826RPR25556069

The Padres MLB roster is made up 13 position players and 12 pitchers. That's your 8-man starting lineup with a 5-man bench and a 5-man rotation with a 7-man bullpen including your closer.

The bulk of the offense will be provided by Manny Machado (contact L 84, power R 79), Hunter Renfroe (power L 87, power R 78), and Eric Hosmer (contact R 86, vision 69). They are supported by Wil Myers (power L 70, contact R 61), Franmil Reyes (contact L 81, power L 79), and Ian Kinsler (vision 85, contact 73).

In the field Austin Hedges (fielding 85, blocking 79) is a star and Ian Kinsler (fielding 80, reaction 74) can still get it done. Machado (fielding 75) and Javy Guerra (fielding 74) are strong with the glove, as is Manuel Margot (fielding 74).

The Padres starting rotation is a problem area. Garrett Richards (break 99, velocity 91) and Matt Strahm (H/9 92, break 88) are at the top of the rotation, they are solid arms but not #1 or #2 guys. Robbie Erlin (BB/9 89, control 80) is the #3 arm followed by Joey Lucchesi (stamina 74, K/9 72) and Dinelson Lamet (break 99, velocity 82). They have potential but are all relatively young or unseasoned.

The bullpen in anchored by closer Kirby Yates (break 99, K/9 99) and setup man Craig Stammen (break 84, K/9 79). Behind them things get a little shaky, Jose Castillo (H/9 78, velocity 77) and Adam Warren (break 79, H/9 79) are next up and able to bridge to Yates fairly consistently. Phil Maton (K/9 76, break 69) and Aaron Loup (velocity 83, break 71) are more of your innings eaters, and Robert Stock (velocity 85, HR/9 82) is your long man, though he lacks the stamina to really go more than 2 innings.


The Show 19 has 4 lineups for you to set. They are against right-handed pitchers with and without the DH, and against left-handed starters with and without the DH. As the Padres are in the National League most of their games will be without the DH. The game does provide preset lineups, let's take a look at those.

Against righties without the DH The Show 19 puts LF Wil Myers are lead off, followed by SS Greg Garcia and 3B Manny Machado. CF Hunter Renfroe hits #4 with 1B Eric Hosmer next and RF Franmil Reyes at #6. 2B Ian Kinsler and C Austin Hedges round out the hitters. With the DH Travis Jankowski steps into CF and hits lead off. This pushes Renfroe to RF and Reyes to DH, and demotes Myers to #7 in the lineup.

Against lefties without the DH Myers plays CF and leads off, followed by SS Jose Pirela. Machado and Renfroe are still #3 & #4, with Reyes and Kinsler next, followed by Hosmer and Hedges. With the DH Manuel Margot can play CF, putting Myers at LF and Reyes to DH. Margot will hit #9.

These lineups are ok but we can do better.

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Against righties without the DH we will put Greg Garcia at lead off thanks to his good contact and discipline at the plate. Eric Hosmer now hits #2 thanks to strong contact skill against righties. Manny Machado and Hunter Renfroe stay put at #3 & #4, with Wil Myers now hitting #6 followed by Franmil Reyes, Ian Kinsler, and Austin Hedges. With the DH Travis Jankowski comes in and hits #5 in front of Reyes, with Myers now hitting #7.

Against lefties without the DH Jose Pirela comes into SS and leads off, followed by Reyes, Machado, and Renfroe. Kinsler will hit #5 with Myers and Hosmer next. Francisco Mejia will come into catcher and hit #8. With the DH Margot still comes into CF but will hit #8 ahead of Mejia.

Farm System

The farm system in MLB The Show 19 can be difficult to deal with. The fluctuation in OVR effect potential too, which makes scouting prospects hard. Their underlying stats are the same so we can use those as a guide but there is also a lack of some real life prospects that means you can't just google a list and work off that. There are some useful players within the Padres farm system though.

Dennis Davidson, Third Base (74 OVR)

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Age: 23

Potential: C

Throws/Bats: R/L

Secondary Position: 2B

Hitter Tendency: Whole Field


Best Stats: Durability (86), Arm Strength (76), Clutch (76), Contact vs R (73), Bunt (66), Power vs R (66), Arm Accuracy (65)

Dennis Davidson is close to MLB-ready. He has good contact skill (73/63) and solid power against righties (66). He has the arm strength (76) to get the ball across the diamond and the speed (62) and stealing ability (62) to menace pitchers on the basepaths. The issue is his fielding (34) which needs a lot of work.

Cesar Nieves, Starting Pitcher (70 OVR)

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Age: 21

Potential: C

Throws/Bats: R/R

Pitches: 4-Seam Fastball, Curveball, Slider, Changeup

Best Stats: Stamina (87), BB/9 (73), Velocity (68), Break (67), Control (58)

Cesar Nieves already has MLB-ready stamina (87) and a nice level of velocity (68) and break (67). His control (58) is already strong for such a young player though it is lower than you'd like for him to come right up into the Majors. He can be susceptible to homers (41) but he does limit walks (73).

Scottie Haskett, Starting Pitcher (57 OVR)

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Age: 20

Potential: D

Throws/Bats: R/R

Pitches: 4-Seam Fastball, Slider, Changeup, Curveball

Best Stats: Stamina (80), Velocity (73), Break (73), Reaction (69), Fielding (64)

Like Nieves, Scottie Haskett has good stamina (80) already and very good velocity (73) and break (73) for such a young player. His control (52) is a bit poor and he is prone to home runs (43) and walks (42). However, he can field his position (64) well.

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