25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

MLB All-Star Game: The NL starters

(Photo Credit: Arturo Pardavila III)

The Camp World All-Star ballots have opened for fans to vote for their favorite players to start in this year's summer’s midsummer classic at Nationals Park. Not players that deserve to start, mind you, but players that are favorites to the fans. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating to an extent but looking back on the players who have started the midsummer classic for their respective leagues over the last few years, I’m not wrong when I say favorite players. 

I guess it goes to show which teams fans care about in the All-Star voting, but can we be real for a moment, please? Remember 2016, when all the Chicago Cubs infielders started the All-Star Game in San Diego? Yes, even shortstop Addison Russell, who was hitting .237 at the break, started the All-Star Game and potentially screwed worthy players of making the team, like Arizona’s Jean Segura, who led the NL in hits that year. It’s not Russell’s fault, but MLB should have a say in who starts the game, right? 

Last year it looked as if the fans tried to vote for the right players, which was encouraging to see, rather than vote for the game’s biggest stars at each position, like former Cincinnati Reds shortstop Zack Cozart. The All-Star Game is five weeks away, and it’s time to give you, the fans, insight on who should earn votes to start the All-Star Game for both the AL and NL. That said, let's look at the NL in hopes the fans will get the rosters as correct as possible.