25 Sep 2020 5:21 PM +00:00

MLB: 5 matchups that could turn into must-watch rivalries

(Photo Credit: Geoff Livingston)

Ever since the first World Series in 1903, baseball has had its fair share of rivalries, with some of them still existing to this day. For example, even though the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry hasn’t been as exciting as it was ten years ago, it’s still one of the greatest in sports history. Another great example is the rivalry between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants going back all the way to 1959 when the two clubs moved west from Brooklyn and New York City. There are also rivalries that came to be because of repetitive bad blood every year. The Red Sox and Rays are a great example of this, duking it out with each other more than once.

There are rivalries that will never die and then there are those that last only a few seasons and then are quickly forgotten. The good news is every season we can expect to see at least one rivalry heat up, whether it’s for the talent level or the fact that there’s bad blood between the two sides. For this article, we’ll look at which rivalries could gain heat as early as this year and that will last for the next few seasons.