Minnesota Twins: 5 ways to make the ALDS in 2018

The Minnesota Twins have reason to look forward to next season, and here’s how they can ensure a deeper playoff run

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The Minnesota Twins just didn’t have enough to get past the New York Yankees in the AL Wild Card Game, but that doesn’t mean they should enter the 2018 season with their tails between their legs.

This team has a lot going for it and the youthful core that exists is strong enough to bring Minnesota right back to the postseason next year. An AL Central crown is a possibility despite a strong Cleveland Indians team ruling the divisional roost for now, but even another shot at the AL Wild Card could be enough for the Twins to assert themselves as the new young playoff contender in the league.

So long as the following steps are taken, Minnesota can look forward to getting to the ALDS in 2018.