Max Scherzer: The case for the NL Cy Young Award

He’s at it again in 2017! Here’s why Max Scherzer should win his 3rd Cy Young award.

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Max Scherzer has been one of the most consistent pitchers in Major League baseball since 2011 and he’s been in the Cy Young conversation every year since then. A perennial All-Star since 2013, it’s hard to name another pitcher that has had the kind of impact that Max has had on a franchise in the past 5 years.

Coming off a Cy Young award-winning season, it seemed like Scherzer could only disappoint in 2017. The reality is he’s done anything but. 2017 has been another divine year for Scherzer and should be on pace to win another Cy Young award this year.

Heavy competition

There are a few people that could potentially take the award this year, but the general consensus has the top two favorites as Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer. Though Kershaw has had a great season as well, he currently only leads Scherzer in three pitching categories: ERA, wins, and BB/9.

Scherzer, on the other hand, leads Kershaw in the following categories: WHIP, strikeouts, innings pitched, K/9, complete games, total WAR, and pitching WAR. The stats don’t lie. Although Kershaw has had a better season in terms of gaining more wins and giving up fewer runs, Scherzer is the better overall pitcher. The Cy Young award is a pitching award and not the NL MVP, so Max Scherzer is the choice.

In fact, Scherzer has outperformed everybody in pitching this year. In the previously mentioned categories, Scherzer is above all NL pitchers except in K/9 which Arizona starter Robbie Ray currently leads, by a slim margin of 12.283 to 11.903. Other than a .3 difference in K/9, there is no statistically better pitcher in the National League this year than Max Scherzer.

The staple of the Nats’ rotation

Scherzer has been a rock for the Nationals this year and their unquestioned ace, which is tough when you’re sharing the rotation with names like Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez. The Nationals have looked to Scherzer time and time again to provide a solid start and help them get the win, and he has answered that call time and time again. Though Kershaw is also the ace for the Dodgers, other than Alex Wood’s first half, no one has really challenged him for that title.

Max Scherzer has been great for nearly his entire career, and 2017 has been no exception. As Washington looks to make a deep run into the 2017 playoffs, Scherzer will no doubt be asked to win key games this postseason. If he continues his amazing regular season form, there is no doubt that Max Scherzer will win this year’s NL Cy Young award.

And, come on, it’s so much fun to watch him carve up some of the AL’s best. Who does it better than Max?