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08 Mar 2018

Detroit Tigers: Time for a long rebuild

Detroit Tigers: Time for a long rebuild

The Detroit Tigers have a long rebuild ahead of them before getting back into contention.

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(Photo Credit: Keith Allison)

The Detroit Tigers picked the perfect time to rebuild from the ground up. After watching the team finish 64-98 and last in the AL Central last year, GM Al Avila fired manager Brad Ausmus and traded away a fan favorite with a month left in the season, among other moves. Avila also appears prepared to trade anyone if it means getting the Tigers back on the path to contention, and maybe that's what needs to happen for the Motor City to have a winning baseball team again.

Long story short, after years of terrible financial decisions by Dave Dombrowski, it is time for the Tigers to swallow the pill of losing for a few years for the sake of putting a winner on the field soon after.