Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Lineup advice for July 20, 2018

Baseball returns from the All-Star break with a 14-game DFS contest. Who should be in your lineup?

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The All-Star break was just long enough for us to be re-energized for DFS baseball. Today sees DraftKings offer up a 14-game contest starting at 7:05pm ET that features everyone except the early-starting Cubs and Cardinals. So, who should be in your lineup for the first day of post All-Star DFS?

Trevor Bauer @ Texas Rangers ($13,600)

The days ace is Trevor Bauer. He gets to go on normal rest against a very shaky Rangers lineup today. Bauer had a terrific first half of the year, posting a 2.24 ERA, a 1.08 WHIP, and an 11.6 K/9. He’s averaged a massive 30.2 points in his last 10 starts, and his last outing was a strong 21-point game against the Yankees. Despite the high price tag he is a must-start today.

Kyle Gibson @ Kansas City Royals ($8,600)

A solid pitcher going against the worst lineup in baseball is never a bad selection. Gibson has been the epitome of “fine” this year, with his 3.42 ERA, 1.23 WHIP and one strikeout per inning. Meanwhile, the Royals are dead last in runs scored, 29th in slugging, and could sit any of their best hitters as the trade deadline fast approaches.

German Marquez @ Arizona Diamondbacks ($7,400)

Marquez’s year-long stats are horrible. His 4.81 ERA and 1.39 WHIP would be complete stay-aways, but on the road he is a different pitcher. His ERA is just 2.62, his WHIP a brilliant 0.98. His batting average against drops more than 130 points, his OPS drops by 350! Play Marquez when he is on the road against all but the best lineups, don’t touch him when the Rockies are at home.

Mike Trout Vs. Houston Astros ($5,400)

This is about as cheap as Mike Trout will ever be, and given his 1.060 OPS that shouldn’t be surprising. The best player in baseball didn’t head to the All-Star game in great form. But a few days off and a nice matchup against a struggling Dallas Keuchel could turn all of that around. He’s hitting .310 on the year with 25 dingers. Play Trout when he is this cheap.

Jose Altuve @ Los Angeles Angels ($4,400)

Speaking of remarkably cheap, a  .332 hitter is just $4,400 today! Altuve is the best offensive second baseman in the game today, but is priced as just the sixth-most expensive. His numbers do take a little dip against lefties, but Tyler Skaggs is far from an elite opponent. At this price Altuve is pretty much a must-play.

Nick Williams Vs. San Diego Padres ($3,700)

The fourth outfield for the Phillies, Nick Williams has been surprisingly effective of late. With 10 hits in his last 10 games, including a triple and a homer, he should see more time at the plate in the second half of the year over the struggling Aaron Altherr. Make sure he is starting today, but if he does get the nod you should have him in your lineup as a nice low-cost outfield play.

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