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Daily Fantasy Baseball Picks: Lineup advice (12:35pm ET contests, May 9, 2018)

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Once again we have a very full contest slot today, with DraftKings giving us the chance to pick between 14 games. There are six contests start times today, with a six-game early slate and a seven-game evening spot as well. We will hit those more specifically later today, but this is who should be in your lineup if you want to dip your toes into the biggest contests today.

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Gerrit Cole @ Oakland A's ($13,400)

Cole is a monster. I wrote about him earlier this week and how Houston have him mixing his pitches far more effectively. That unpredictability has sent his strikeouts through the roof. He has a stellar 13.68 K/9, second only to Max Scherzer, a 0.69 WHIP and a 1.42 ERA.

He hasn't had the wins you'd like from that kind of performance, just a 3-1 record, but they will come, and if he keeps racking up double-digit strikeout starts it really doesn't matter all that much.

Gio Gonzalez @ San Diego Padres ($11,400)

Gonzalez has had a surprisingly good start to the year. His 2.33 ERA has seen a strong 9.78 K/9 and is standing up despite a high BABI P and wake rate.

He doesn't have that big a reputation, but his opposition today plus his form this season means he should be strongly considered for any lineup today. He's only gone past six innings once this year, but he's also allowed over two runs once as well. Gonzalez is a very safe bet today.


Alex Wood Vs. Arizona Diamondbacks ($7,600)

Wood is coming back from a hamstring problem, but is likely to make his start tonight. While his ERA is a slightly worrying 3.83 through seven starts, his peripherals are strong. He is striking out nearly a hitter per inning, has issued just six walks all year and has a BABIP of just .261. It is just some clustering issues that have inflated his ERA, and when that normalizes he should be back to his usual self. The D-Backs are a difficult proposition to contend with, but there are very few trustworthy cheap pitchers today, and Wood is a very strong candidate given his price tag.

Didi Gregorius  Vs. Boston Red Sox ($4,500)

Didi is the most prolific shortstop in baseball so far this season, and yet he is priced as just the seventh-most expensive at his position today. While the price difference ($600 cheaper than #1) is not a lot, it gives him more than enough value today to be a no-brainer in this contest. He's hitting .301 with 10 homers, 30 RBI, and two steals. He should pick up plenty of points today.

Mitch Moreland @ New York Yankees ($4,100)

Moreland is not an everyday hitter for the Red Sox, but he should be. He is slashing .347/.407/.653 with five homers and 17 RBI so far this year. With Andrew Benintendi continuing to be ineffective don't be surprised if Moreland sees more playing time soon, and especially in a big game like this one. After losing the first game of the series yesterday Boston need this one, which means getting your best hitters to the plate.

Andrew McCutchen @ Philadelphia Phillies ($3,900)

McCutchen is very quietly finding form. He is in the midst of a nine-game hit streak and has three homers and three steals. On a day when high-end outfielders seem set to be the prized possessions of most lineups you are going to need a productive, cheaper, option, and McCutchen seems like the perfect puzzle piece today.