Cincinnati Reds: Pitching must step up in 2018

The Reds have the bats, and now the arms must pull their own weight.

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(Photo Credit: Keith Allison)

The Cincinnati Reds have what it takes to be a contender in the NL Central. That is, they would be if the pitching staff matched the potential of the lineup. The Reds’ batting order is chock full of young and talented players who can help carry the team to victory, while the pitching was so bad last season that the offense ranked 14th in runs scored and probably was stuck playing catchup more often than not.

This imbalance led to the Reds finishing last in the NL Central at 68-94, with opponents outscoring the team by 116 runs. The 2018 squad isn’t quite the same as last year’s, so a change had better come if a new Cincinnati dynasty is to become a possibility.