Arizona Diamondbacks: 5 free agents to pursue this offseason

Though it'll be difficult to bring in reinforcements for a club that won 93 games, there's still room for improvement.

Just like all the other 29 clubs, the Arizona Diamondbacks have many questions to answer with the free agent market. For example, do they bring back star outfielder J. D. Martinez or do they let him walk and stick with Yasmany Tomas? Or should the closer be someone already on the team or someone on the market? 

They likely won’t tear the team apart to bring in a star pitcher or hitter, but they won’t be quiet this offseason as they too want to reach the goal of winning a World Series. That said, who should the club pursue on the market this offseason?

  1. 1 J.D. Martinez

    To the fans, bringing back Martinez should be Arizona's top priority this offseason since he hit .303 with 45 home runs and 104 RBI in a year split between the desert and the Detroit Tigers. 

    In fact, his decision will impact how the Diamondbacks do business this offseason. If the club brings him back, it means they're likely parting ways with Yasmany Tomas. If they don't it's because of Martinez's new agent, Scott Boras thinking he's worth more than what the Diamondbacks might pay him. He's the hottest name in the outfield market and everybody will bid to bring him to their club.

  2. 2 Greg Holland

    With veteran closer Fernando Rodney on the market, it would make sense for the Diamondbacks to search for a new and younger closer. Greg Holland had 41 saves in 2017 and would be a perfect fit in the clubhouse due to his experience as a closer and also his postseason experience. 

    He didn't have a strong second half for the Rockies but keep in mind he had Tommy John surgery at the end of 2015, didn't pitch in 2016, and his struggles appeared to be mostly due to a "dead arm" phase pitchers who undergo Tommy John surgery go through when they return. Coors Field might've played a role, but Holland proved he can pitch at a hitter-friendly park when he's on his game, which was for all but six weeks of the second half.

  3. 3 Mike Minor

    For a club that isn't looking for a huge superstar in the bullpen, Minor would be the perfect route to go after posting a 2.55 ERA with the Kansas City Royals in 2017. With veteran Jorge de la Rosa hitting the market or retiring, the Diamondbacks need another left-hander in the bullpen along with Andrew Chafin. 

    Minor put up a career year for the Royals in his first season back from shoulder injuries in 2015 and 2016. It would be a gamble to bring in a pitcher who missed consecutive seasons with shoulder problems but he'd be affordable and a possible trade piece later in the season. 

  4. 4 Chris Iannetta

    After he put up the best season of his career since 2008 (.254, 17 home runs, 43 RBI) in an Arizona uniform, the Diamondbacks should bring Iannetta back. His offensive outburst was a benefit for a team that wasn't emphasizing offensive production from the catching position last year. He was a big reason for Patrick Corbin's second-half success too, being his primary catcher over the course of the year. Plus, having three catchers kept everyone fresh during the 162 game season. Though the same strategy one season doesn't always work the next season, Iannetta adds depth to a lineup with Paul Goldschmidt, Jake Lamb, A. J. Pollock, and David Peralta when he plays.

  5. 5 Howie Kendrick

    Kendrick has developed into a super utility player since 2016 and provides a great veteran presence for young teams. The Diamondbacks are young and hoping to play for a postseason berth in 2018, meaning a veteran like Kendrick would be ideal as a mentor to guys like Ketel Marte and Brandon Drury. 

    He's also a viable outfield option if they need to give Peralta and Pollock days off to keep them fresh and avoid injury. Kendrick has a fair amount of postseason experience under his belt as well in his time with the Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Washington Nationals last season. 

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