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18 Jun 2018

All-Star Game: The write-in vote team

All-Star Game: The write-in vote team

If you’re a fan who likes to write in names, here are players from each position to consider.

(Photo Credit: Slgckgc)

There are only two-and-a-half weeks left for fans to vote players into the All-Star Game. For the fans that only pay attention to who’s on the actual ballots, this article may not apply to you. Like the national elections, though, there’s a select group of people that take advantage of writing in the player’s names, hoping maybe their players will get the nod to be in the All-Star Game.

The write-in is a nice addition for the ballot but like American elections, they’re overall useless in electing people to office, or in this case a trip to the All-Star Game. Here, we’ll look at players from both the AL and NL that are worthy of getting voted into the Midsummer Classic via the write-in vote. In order for a player to qualify, they cannot be on the original Camping World Ballot, so don't expect to see Aaron Judge!