Breath of the Wild 2: Last of Us 2 delay could predict delays for BOTW 2

With development issues all over the industry, could we see problems with BOTW 2?

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Plenty of things are on hold thanks to coronavirus, and the gaming industry has not been immune to the impact.

The most disheartening news that has been revealed in the past few weeks is that The Last of Us 2 has now been delayed indefinitely.

This has lead many to panic about what this will mean for the rest of 2020s big upcoming releases, including the next-gen consoles.

Some games are a bit more dear to the gaming community than others though, and Breath Of The Wild 2 is atop that list.

Here is the breakdown on all the rumours surrounding Breath of the Wild 2, it’s release date, and whether there is any talk of a delay.

The Last of Us 2 delay

The Last of Us 2 cover
DELAYED AGAIN: A shock to many and hopefully not a sign of things to come

The Last of Us 2 being delayed indefinitely is indeed unfortunate news for fans of the series, after all the wait has been a long and arduous one and this new news is another huge bump in the road.

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It was set to become one of Summer 2020s hottest releases and a much-needed release amongst all the doom and gloom as of late.

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However, just because The Last of Us 2 has been delayed it doesn’t necessarily mean other big releases will follow suit.

On the contrary, if anything game companies will want to try to do everything in their power to make sure the games are released on time as to not lose momentum.

Breath of the Wild 2 rumours and potential release date

Nintendo have recently been struggling due to the coronavirus and have had problems in the manufacturing department regarding Nintendo Switch production.

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 cover
THE SEQUEL: The game is one many fans fear will be the next to be delayed

But what does this all mean for Nintendo’s upcoming game releases?

Well, you are in luck as there has been no indications thus far that Nintendo is struggling to fulfil their promises when it comes to releasing games so far. Although time will tell whether or not they will come into problems later on.

When it comes to Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 the release date has yet to be officially confirmed by Nintendo, so speculation is running amok as to when the game will actually drop.

nintendo switch console
THE STRUGGLE: Nintendo have recently struggled to keep up with the manufacturing of Nintendo Switch consoles

There are very strong rumours the game will be out late 2020 and by then the problems with the disruption due to coronavirus should have subsided, so it seems like smooth sailing for the Zelda title so far.

There are also other rumours circulating that the game will be released in early 2021 due to how long the development is taking rather than any delay being involved.

RELEASE DATE SPECULATION: All the rumours surrounding the potential release date

So it seems very unlikely the delay of The Last of Us 2 will have any significant effect to Breath of the Wild 2’s release date.

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