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XCOM Chimera Squad: Announced, Release date, Gameplay, Trailer, Details, PS4, Xbox One and more

We've all returned from Easter to the news that lockdown will be officially continuing on for, at very least, a few more weeks.

As a result of the measures to date, we've seen a huge increase in gaming, alongside an opportunity to revisit and try genres we may not have thought of before.

One such genre is turn-based tactics and one award winning game series in particular does it better than most - Xcom.

With the latest announcement that a brand new Xcom game is set to release next week, this could well be the perfect time to try it out and see exactly what people are talking about.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know before you do.

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The Xcom series is, in brief, set at a time where an alien invasion has taken place. The player controls a squad of soldiers alongside a military base, with the objective of stopping the global advance of the invading enemy.

Players upgrade both their teams and base with new equipment, in addition to managing resources - all of which hugely impact the outcome of the fight.

One catch is that when your soldier falls in action - that's it for them. You'll have to re-train and upgrade another person for the team (even more reason to plan your attack carefully.)

XCOM chimera squad screenshot
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SORRY TO 'RATTLE' YOU: Your squad contains some very unique characters, all with their own abilities

The gameplay is turn-based ground combat, and involves the player having to complete the objective or take out the alien enemies on the field.



The game reveal trailer shows off some of the drama that can unfold within Xcom. One thing people will notice, which is a step away from other games in the series, is that this time aliens and humans are working together.

In fact, they're on the same team, with the reveal giving us a glimpse of some of 'banter' that can ensue as a result of this unorthodox alliance.


The gameplay trailer does a great job of breaking down how XCOM: Chimera Squad works - let's take a look at some key features:


Players control a squad of both alien and human soldiers in City 31. The city is one where humans and aliens live side by side, but very uneasily.

It's the squads job to stop the city from spinning out of control and to counter the forces which are hell-bent on seeing the unrest prevail.

Players start with HQ, where you can monitor the levels of unrest in the city and make decisions about where to deploy and what types of missions to take.


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This will also be the location where you can heavily customise your soldiers abilities, weapons and more - as they gain more experience and earn promotions.

When you're ready - you'll deploy to an encounter, where you'll have to utilise your team effectively to complete the objective.

With Xcom: Chimera Squad - this extends to the breaching phase of the operation. You'll have to decide which soldier is best to use in a specific place.

XCOM Chimera Squad HQ Management
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HQ: You'll be making strategic and tactical decisions from here, alongside upgrading your team


For example - sending one of the biggest most powerful aliens through the vent instead of one of the more agile soldiers, is likely an unwise decision.

Unlike the previous games, the Rocky 4 saying, 'If he dies...he dies', does not apply. In short, if your soldier is injured they bleed out until tended to - and if that doesn't happen, the mission is a fail.

With this change in the series, it looks like Xcom: Chimera Squad is going to save the intense pain of losing one of your favourite soldiers for another game - rather focusing on beating the mission and campaign.

xcom chimera squad digital announcement news
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VANTAGE POINT: Picking the best spots to suit your squad's skills is vital to a successful mission


Release date

At the moment, the game is set to be released on Steam next week, and it hasn't been announced yet if the game will release for Xbox One or PS4.

You could argue that doing so would be another wise decision in making the genre more accessible to casual players.

Stay tuned for any news on the upcoming XCOM: Chimera Squad as soon as we get it, and stay safe out there!

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