Xbox Series X: There will be no next-gen exclusive games at the console’s launch

Xbox have announced they will not be releasing any next-gen exclusives with Series X’s release.

by Remy Cabache

Xbox revealed today that the Xbox Series X will not be releasing with any next-gen exclusive games.

While in the past new consoles have released with games exclusive to them, and not playable on the previous console, this shows a new direction for Microsoft.

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The move is geared towards the consumer, allowing current Xbox gamers to have excess to the newest titles without having to upgrade their system.

Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty said: “We want to make sure that if someone invests in Xbox between now and [Series X] they feel they made a good investment and we’re committed to them with content.

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“As our content comes out over the next year, two years, all of our games, sort of like PC, will play up and down that family of devices.”

What does this mean?

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In short, if you already have any version of the Xbox One, or you buy one between now and the Series X launch, when Halo Infinite or any other new game launches with the new console you’re still going to be able to buy it for your older console.

This is great news for the many gamers who struggle to afford a brand new console at launch but always feel as though they’re missing out on the latest game. In this case, missing out on a brand new Halo – the first Halo since 2015.

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It also means third-party game publishers won’t be under the pressure to push out next-gen exclusive games for what is likely going to be a relatively small day-one market.

This move is a clear deviation from the norm and is a way Microsoft are perhaps trying to set themselves apart from Sony.

Is there any point in buying the Series X, then?

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A large part of the reaction to this news on social media purports this may actually hurt the success of the Series X at launch, because what motive do people have to spend the money on a new console?

Mr Booty explained: “Our approach is to pick one or two IP that we’re going to focus on and make sure that they’re there at the launch of the console, taking advantage of all the features.

“It’s the first time in over 15 years that we’ll have a Halo title launching in sync with a new console. And that team is definitely going to be doing things to take advantage of [Series X].”

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Basically, it is going to be set up so the Series X experience of the game will really show what sets this console apart from the rest.

So while at first it may appear to damage day-one sales or success, if Microsoft pull off Series X and deliver on their promises for the console, seeing a difference in the game’s quality should persuade gamers to make the switch.

The future of Xbox

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This is just another step Xbox have taken in the last few years that is showing them work to rise back to a level with Sony and PlayStation.

After a disappointing Xbox One release and lifetime, compared with the PS4, Xbox have produced Game Pass, are soon to release xCloud, and are now looking to the consumer first with the release of their next console.

All of these things show a flexibility in their content and a desire to create a network and community, and show that Xbox and Microsoft are in lock-step in their vision and philosophies.

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With so many people having switched to the PS4 from the Xbox 360, Xbox and Microsoft have to keep their remaining users happy, and this is a move to do just that while also, hopefully, proving the capabilities of their future.

Remy Cabache

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