WWE 2K18: Full trophy and achievement guide for PS4 & Xbox One

Check out our detailed guide to every trophy and achievement in WWE 2K18 on both PS4 and Xbox One! They’ve been conveniently grouped by the mode they’re earned in!

realsport user by admin

(Photo Credit: TheXomil)

WWE 2K18 has only been available via early access for a few days, but we’ve compiled a full guide to every trophy (or achievement) in this year’s installment of WWE’s game series. Every entry has the applicable gamerscore (i.e. 30G) for Xbox One users and trophy quality (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold) for PS4 users listed at the end of that entry. The actual content of the achievements or trophies and how they’re earned doesn’t change from PS4 to Xbox One, only the “reward” and whether it’s recognized as a trophy or an achievement. Regardless of platform, this guide will still work for you.