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WoW Shadowlands Legendaries: How to Craft, Missives, Memory of the Runecarver, Legendary Powers, Drops & more

WoW Shadowlands Legendaries add a ton of customization and personality to your progression.

But there are plenty of questions around Shadowlands Legendaries: including how many you can equip, and how to craft them.

Let's break down the most sought after items in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, Legendaries.

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Latest News - New Weekly Reset Means More Soul Ash

Soul Ash is at the root of creating all Shadowlands Legendaries, and with the new WoW Shadowlands weekly reset live, it's even easier to put together your piece.

This is because the new week introduces a new Soul Ash cap, new Torghast wings (with up to 6 available Layers), and even new quests to grant Soul Ash.

This week it will be easier than ever to craft your Legendary items - so don't miss out on the huge boost!

Shadowlands Legendaries

Legendaries are always the final goal for most PVE players in any WoW expansion, and Shadowlands is no different.

Shadowlands Legendary Armor Sets Tier Torghast Runecarver
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But while most WoW players are used to finding their Legendaries and looting them, instead, Shadowlands Legendaries are crafted.

That means players in Shadowlands will have to use their professions, and gather specific materials to be able to craft their Legendary armor.

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Even better, it will simply be adding this Legendary Power to an existing piece of gear!

Shadowlands Legendary Powers

WoW Shadowlands Legendaries include your choice between different Legendary Powers. There are several different categories of Legendary Powers, including those specific to class, spec, or general use. There are currently 8 different Legendary Powers that are available to all classes and specs.

WoW Shadowlands Legendary Powers
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These general Legendary Powers powers include Echo of Eonar, Judgement of the Arbiter, Maw Rattle, Norgannon's Sagacity, Sephuz's Proclamation, Stable Phantasma Lure, Third Eye of the Jailer, and Vitality Sacrifice.

How to Craft Shadowlands Legendaries

To craft your Legendary gear in Shadowlands, you'll need to craft or purchase a Base Item. These are created by Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, Jewelcrafters, and Tailors.

Shadowlands Missive Legendary Power
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You will also need to get Missives, which are created by Scribes. These Missives will outline the Legendary Power you select.

After this, you will need to farm Soul Ash from Torghast, Tower of the Damned.

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Finally, you will need the Memory of the Runecarver Legendary recipe for the specific Legendary Power you want to add.