*UPDATED* Wild Rift Patch 3.3: New Champions, New Events, Updates to Ranked, and More

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Today Riot Games showed a preview of all the upcoming content for League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.3: Shining Bright.

With new champions, new events and changes to the ranked system coming in, a developer preview was posted to Riot's official Youtube channel. The preview took a closer look at the patch with comments from Alan “RiotMirross” Moore.

But with the patch out soon, Wild Rift players are desperate to know what the changes and additions will be. So here's a helpful guide on what will be released and how it affects the rift.

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*UPDATED* Finalised patch notes

An ARAM progression track has now been added to this patch. Up your snowball score by playing ARAMs throughout the season and earn exclusive seasonal titles. These are earned by your performance throughout the season.

ARAM season and Progression Track will begin July 16 at 00:01 UTC.

There is also a new setting added to Wild Rift. It's called "On Button Down". Turning this on will mean that abilities which aren't aimed or targetted will activate that little bit faster. This was something implemented a while back for Summoner Spells and Active Items. However, it is now being adding as a setting for some abilities

New Wild Rift champions

There will be three new champions added to this Wild Rift patch.

Kassadin, the void walker will be one of the three new champions added to Wild Rift. The melee midlaner scales well into the later stages of the game and brings damage only available in the void.

Kassadin from league of Legends
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Samira, the desert rose. A woman not to be trifled with. Her mix of melee and ranged attacks makes her a dominating ADC in the bot lane. Additionally, her mix of abilities means she can look an opponent in the eye whilst getting those kills.

Sion, the undead juggernaut. Steaming ahead, this top laner packs a blunt punch and is a force not to be reckoned with. Try this unstoppable force and lay waste to the Rift.

New events

2015 saw the first-ever star guardian event in League of Legends. Since then, there have been several other star guardian events. However, Wild Rift has not been left behind as it is getting its very own star guardian event in this patch.

Xayah and Rakan skins from Wild Rift
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Play to earn Star Candies and collect unique rewards. You’ll also see the Redeemed Star Guardian event pass, with missions to complete for event tokens. You can pick up extra tokens directly from the store. Trade them in for different rewards, including Redeemed Xayah and Rakan

Wild Rift ranked changes

The new Legendary Ranked Queue will be included in season six. Only those skilled enough to reach Diamond will have access to this queue. Diamond and above players will grind through six tiers earning points as they go.


Those players who meet the legendary queue can see real-time ranking and see how they compare to others. This will all kick off a little way into season six to ensure enough players can access it.

Jhin Wild Rift
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The new queue will only be available at certain times of the day to make sure enough players will be around. Playing normal ranked will also reward players with Glorious Crimson Fiora.

Developer preview video

A developer preview video is now posted to the official Wild RIft Youtube channel. Click here to watch Alan “RiotMirross” Moore speaking about the new patch in more detail.

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