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Who is the Last Boss in Elden Ring? Explained

Elden Ring may take you upwards of 100 hours to beat but the final boss will always be the same. We have the details on who the last boss in Elden Ring is and how to beat them.

Who is the last boss in Elden Ring?

The last boss is split up into two separate fights (Though you could consider it one or three depending on how you look at the story).

Firstly, you will take on Radagon of the Golden Order, Queen Marika's other half. He wields a big hammer and does tonnes of holy damage. This being said, he is small and his attacks are well choreographed.

After you take him down, you will be faced with the Elden Beast, a huge monster with a shifting amorphous form. Dropping 500,000 runes, he will set you on your way to New Game + with a bang.

How to beat them

This is worth separating into two sections as the different forms have very different attack styles. Radagon of the Golden Order is a humanoid that comes with the negatives and benefits of that. He has relatively low poise so a heavy attack will stagger him pretty frequently. If you can get the Mimic Tear Ashes and a heavy weapon, you can take this stage down easily.

The Elden Beat is huge and favours a mix of ranged and melee attacks. He has a minor weak spot on his stomach so staying close and preserving your stamina is the best way of taking him down. Outside of an AOE holy attack, he doesn't tend to hit the area to his left very often so you can keep swinging there to chip away at his health.

He has two moves that are particularly dangerous though. When he goes up into the air, he will spawn a ring that encloses you. Jump over it and roll out of the way. It does huge damage if it catches you. He also has a move where he fires tonnes of holy blades at you. Either focus on rolling away from all of this or have holy resistant armor and a shield. Elden Beast isn't too hard but a few of his moves are worth watching out for.

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