When is the Release Date for Multiversus?

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Player First Games' Multiversus is impressing players across the world in its closed alpha testing. Giving gamers an experience that combines the competitive fun of a Super Smash Bros style fighting game with the iconic characters of Warner Bros.

While the closed alpha is ongoing and an open beta is scheduled for the summer, many players are still wondering when will they be able to get their hands on the full release. Here's everything we know so far.

What is Multiversus' Release Date?

Well for those hoping to get their hands on the game soon in a full capacity I have some good news and some bad news.

A screenshot of the opening tutorial for Multiversus
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Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date for Multiversus as of writing, with the game only just starting its closed alpha testing and open beta testing starting at an unspecified point in July 2022 according to the game's latest cinematic trailer which revealed some new roster members.

What we do know is that Multiversus currently has a release date of "2022" set meaning that, outside of any major delays, we will be seeing the full release of the game at some point in the latter half of this year.

There is also the possibility that the open beta acts as a soft release date for the game by sticking around up until the full release instead of the limited-time window that the closed alpha currently has. Until then, we will just have to wait for that "later date" that the Multiversus website mentioned when talking about the July open beta.

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